How To Export Your Google Search History

Wondering what you were searching online in Google last year or how many searches you made till date?

Now you can easily view or download your entire Google search history. So long as you searched in Google with your Google account, you have a list of all the searches made. You also have a total number of searches made by you. Here is how to export or download your entire Google search history –

Step 1. Go to Google History Page. It will ask you to log-in with Google account. After successful log-in you will see the following screen –

Step 2. Here you will see the following sections-
Hourly Search Activity – Your searches, break down by hours.

Daily Search Activity – Your search activity on the daily basis.

• Activity Calendar –  You can select your search activity according to a specified date in a year or month.

Total Google Searches – Total number of Google Searches made by you.

Click on show more trends, you will see –
Monthly Search Activity – Your search activity per month basis.
Top Clicks – Your top clicks from Google searches.

Top Queries – Your most searched queries.

Top Sites – Your most searched websites.
View Additional Web and App Activity – You can view additional search activities in other apps such as in your Android device.
Today – Searches made today.

Step 3. To download this history, click on gear icon and download.

Google will show you a warning dialogue before creating an archive of search history data which will be delivered by email to you. You know that how sensitive this data may be, so make sure not to download this archive on a public computer and always make use of two-factor authentication.

It will take some time to get that download email depending on the size of your size of the archive. When you receive that mail you can view the files in Google Drive, saved in Folder named “Takeout” or you can download directly. This is a ZIP archive with lots of JSON files.

Well, that’s all about downloading your Google search history. Give it a try.

Image Credit: Mashable

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