How to best integrate visuals into your marketing

#InsiderChat: How to best integrate visuals into your marketing?

Special thanks to Brian for images and allowing me to round up this twitter chat.

#InsiderChat is one of the popular Twitter chat hosted by Brian Honigman, the last Wednesday of every month at 1 PM EST that covers insights from industry experts on how to better succeed with marketing in business. Last month, on 25th February Brian interviewed, two marketing expert – Peg Fitzpatrick and Mark Strauss on how to best integrate visuals into your marketing.

Here are the highlights from that twitter chat –

Q1: What are the most important steps to building a winning visual brand identity?

steps to building a winning visual brand


Q2: How should a marketer decide what types of visuals to create?

types of visuals

Q3: Would you suggest a business design their own visuals or curate from others?

Business design from others

Q4: How should a brand choose the right colors to include in their visuals?

Colors in the visuals

Q5: Any templates or shortcuts marketers can use for creating visuals for social media?

Template for creating visual on social media


Q6: How can a business best reuse their visuals across different marketing channels?

Reuse visual across different channels

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