New Google Structured Data Testing Tool

Google Releases New Structured Data Testing Tool, Syntax Support and Documentation

Recently, Google announced several updates to its structured data testing tool along with updated documentation and policy guidelines with support to JSON-LD markup syntax.

Let’s take a look what is new this time.

1. Google Structured Data Testing Tool

This tool lets you check structured data markup on the site and make sure that Google is extracting each attribute of this data properly.

The new structured data testing tool is said to better reflect the better interpretation of your content and used structured data markup on the web pages.New Google Structured Data Testing Tool

The additional features are:

–> Validation for all Google features powered by structured data.
–> Clean display of the structured data items on your web page.
–> Support for markup in JSON-LD syntax, including in dynamic HTML pages also.
–> Syntax highlighting of markup problems right in your HTML source code.

2. Documentation and Policy Guidelines

Based on feedback from webmasters, Google updated its documentation for vocabulary supported by structured data. Google also simplified and clarified the policies on using and creating high-quality structured data. This includes a simplified spam policy that will help you know what’s spam or not.

3. Extended Support for Vocabulary in JSON-LD Syntax

Google expanded their support to JSON-LD (a new and simple markup format, which is supported for all site link search boxes, knowledge graph feature and event rich snippet) to new use cases such as company logos and contacts, link to their social profiles, site links search box etc. The new docs have more JSON-LD examples if you want to dip into.

What do you think about these updates? Please share in comments.

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