Top 15 Free Online Tools to Add Text to Photos

Top 15 Free Online Tools to Add Text to Photos

An Image is worth a thousand words

The study has proved that tweets with pictures generate 68% more re-tweets, almost doubles the chances of re-tweets and photos on Facebook generates 53% more likes than other posts. The reason being is simple, images (e.g. banners, selfies, infographics, photos etc.) grab more attentions and data to visualize. And of course, we like to see, not just read!

Here are some top online tools that would help you add text to your favorite pictures for social media or blog posts –

  1. AddText: One of my favorite, easy to use and quick way to add text on photos with different styles, effects, and sizes. It also works well on your smartphone.AddText - Add text and caption on photos
  2. PicMonkey: This creative tool allows you image editing, graphic designing, and collage making.
  3. Befunky: Befunky is another simple to use photo editor that let you edit a photo, apply stunning effects and create collages to share on social media with your friends.BeFunky - Image Editor
  4. Online Image Editor: Aan advanced tool to edit images online where you can add text, crop, convert, and add transparency to your favorite images.
  5. Pablo: Recently introduced by Buffer – one of the popular social media management platform, to create and share images for social media. You can add a secondary headline, logo with different background options and predefined images. When done, download, share it on Facebook, tweet or schedule on Buffer.Pablo By Buffer
  6. PinWords: One of the simplest tool to add beautiful text on pictures to share on Pinterest or other social media directly. Upload your own image, or choose one from predefined. Select a theme and put your favorite content.
  7. Quick Picture Tools: Somewhat complex than the previous tools but have more features on a single dashboard. You can set image size image format, font styles, colors, padding, shadow and lot more.
  8. Ribbet: Edit a photo or create a collage with this free to use web application. You can edit a picture with the basic edit feature, use effects, stickers and different types of frames to add life to your pics.
  9. LunaPic: This tool allows you to apply different filters and effects on the picture, add text, borders, animations and much more.
  10. Roflbot: Another simple to use tool to add text and captions to a picture. Enter an URL or upload from your computer to start with.
  11. Photovisi: A popular tool to create photo collages within 3 steps. First, select a design from the collection, second add photos to them, and third customize photos by dragging them around and save them.
  12. Picfont: This tool offers additional feature of creating the cover image for Facebook with the capability of adding captions and text to your favorite pictures.
  13. Fotor: Similar to PicMonkey, It has a simple, clean and intuitive interface that lets you edit an image, make a collage and design a card. It is also available on Android, iOS and Windows platform.Fotor
  14. Pixlr: An advanced tool to make and edit beautiful pictures, available for your PC, android or iOS smartphone as well as a web app. Add text, creative effects, overlays, replace colors and much more.
  15. Ezgif: This tool allows you to add text on the GIF images (animated image) without dropping animations.EZGIF

Well, this is not a final list of such tools, there are a lot more that offer same or more features.

Have you any tool to suggest to this list? What’s your favorite tool to add text to photos that you use? Please share in comments.

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