Deepanshu Meaning – Ray of Light

deepanshu meaning

The meaning of “Deepanshu” is Ray of Light (प्रकाश की किरण).

More About Deepanshu Name:

The origin of the word “Deepanshu” or “Dipanshu” is in Sanskrit and suitable for boys.

  1. Other Meanings: Sun/Light
  2. Devanagari/Hindi Meaning: दीपांशु
  3. Gender: Male
  4. Religion: Hindu
  5. Rashi: Meena (Pisces/Fish)
  6. Lucky Number: 9
  7. Ruling Planet: Jupiter
  8. Nakshatra: Punarvasu

Full form of “DEEPANSHU” name:

Here is the hidden meaning behind the letters combined to make this very word – DEEPANSHU.

D – Disciplined
E – Energetic
E – Enthusiastic
P – Punctual
A – Adventurous
N – Neat
S – Strong
H – Honest
U – Understanding

Numerological Meaning:

So, what does your name says about you? If you are Deepanshu, it means

  • You are a pleasant, easy-going, and friendly human being.
  • You care for others – family, friends and personal contacts are important to you.
  • You have an imaginative, creative, active, and dynamic nature.
  • Sometimes, you are a philosopher too!
  • You believe in your abilities and always have enthusiasm and positivity.
  • You like to make plans and think ahead.
  • You like to dress properly.
  • You like to work in groups and take the initiative to carry out a task.
  • You often fear things, people, and feel undecided about things in your life.
  • You are tolerant, joyful, optimistic, inspiring, determined, talented… the list goes on and on!

Other Facts:

There are several names that have similar meanings and originated from the ‘Deepanshu’ word such as Deepanshi (female), Dipanshi (female), Deepansh (Male), Dibyansh (Male), and Divyansh (Male).

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27 Replies to “Deepanshu Meaning – Ray of Light”

  1. It’s really a great post. My name is Deepanshu and I was looking for the meaning. Some of the articles out there are not correct and have incomplete information. Numerological meaning is something that totally relates to me. Thanks, brother! 🙂

  2. My name is DEEPANSHU JAIN. I love the meaning of my name and I am feeling proud to know about my abilities and what I like. AnD some people call me DEEPANSH and some call DEEPU 🙂 I like them both…… 🙂

  3. I m also deepanshu and i love my name y frnd also call me deepu .. And whenever i hear my name i feel so goood .. Like a sweet rhym .. I love my name .. Thanks for the blog .. Thanks
    -deepanshu srivastava

  4. Wow, great information. I would also like to add that this name also represent their ability of doing business.

  5. I didn’t know that my name has a meaning. Full form explains a lot. It’s really interesting to know the facts about me also. Thanks.

  6. Mujhe deepanshu ka matlab nahi pata tha. Search Kiya to ye blog padha. Bahuat hi asan language me expalin Kiya hai, sari cheese mil gayi Jo chahiye thi.

    Gud work, brother.

  7. My name is deepanshu but fun fact is that my father’s name is Prakash and mothers name kiran
    Ultimately my name’s meaning is logical
    Prakash ki kiran ❣️

  8. I like this name, but I have never heard of any famous personality named ‘Deepanshu’. Feels disappointing ?

  9. My name is Deepanshu. I love my name when called by anyone The above personality are correct about me. THANKS BHAI

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