Top SEO Guides and E-books For 2018 & Beyond

top seo guides and ebooks

SEO is a beast. It requires a lot of efforts, time and resources to do it. Isn’t it?

And to do SEO well, you need an expert team of SEO, social media experts, content writers, link builders, and web designers. However, in early days of your business, the chances are that only one or two team members are doing all these work ( SEO, social media, writing, etc.).

And to make sure that everything is going ethical and future proof for your business, your team always requires in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of SEO and other marketing functions.

Fortunately, industry experts and even Google have created some informative guides and e-books on SEO to help beginners, marketing professionals, and website owners.

These guides offer an in-depth knowledge and complete information on what is SEO, how it works, its importance, various on-page and off-page techniques and tactics.

I’ve selected top free SEO guides and e-books that will offer some basics as well as advanced knowledge in SEO world. However, before reading these e-books and guides, I’d recommend watching “SEO: The Movie”  which explores search and SEO as told by the pioneers and innovators in the field of SEO. This documentary is very engaging and informative for novices as well as veteran SEO professionals.

➳ Beginner’s Guide to Moz
Online version:

➳ Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide by Google
Online Version (2018 Edition):

➳ SEO Guide by Search Engine Land

➳ SEJ’s Beginner’s Guide to SEO

➳ Search Engine Optimization: Godaddy Pro E-book

➳ 2017 SEO Guide by Found

➳ Beginner’s Guide to Technical SEO by QuickSprout

➳ SEO Tutorials for Beginners by LINKIO

Please share in comments if I have missed any amazing SEO guide or resource that you think should have been listed above.

Thanks for reading.

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