5 Things in SEO You May Have Missed in January 2018

seo news january 2018

Here is the roundup of news from around the SEO industry you might have missed in the month of January.

1. Facebook Will Show You Fewer Posts From Brands and Publishers In News Feed

Facebook announced that they are going to show more content from your family and friends. They will show less content from brands and publishers, and less prioritize the video content in your news feed in order to improve user experience on Facebook.

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2. Google Now Shows Real-World Speed Data in PageSpeed Insights Tool

The new version of page speed insights tool now shows real-world data i.e. what experience users have with your page. This means that Google may determine how fast or slow your page is with this real-world Chrome data.

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3. Google’s New Search Console with 16 Months of Site Performance Data Opens to All

Google has rolled out their new version of Search Console, previously known as Webmaster Tools to all website owners and webmasters. The new version includes Index Coverage Report, Performance Report, AMP Status Reports, Job Status Report and Search Analytics Reports with 16 months of data.

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4. Google Speed Update

Google announced that page speed will become a ranking factor in mobile search. It was a ranking factor only for Desktop results since 2009. According to Google, starting from July 2018, this update will only affect pages that deliver the slowest experience, however, slow pages with high-quality and relevant content may still rank higher in search results.

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5. Google Updates Their AMP Tool to Show Multiple Search Result Styles

The new AMP tool now shows how AMP results will appear in mobile search results. The new update shows three different styles – a single AMP story with an image, a result as a top story and a standard mobile search result.

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