Recommended General Purpose and Free SEO Tools

Note: This article was last updated on 19 Sep 2016.

Here are some of my favourite and free SEO and other general purpose marketing tools (some of them are paid for more functionality) that will help you do marketing more easily than ever.

Backlinks Checker:

Note that these all have their own metrics/ calculations, different size of indexes that’s why they offer results, different to each other.

  1. Ahref: Singapore-based start-up, offer versatile backlinks discovery and presentation services to make your website better. They also determine Ahref Rank (AR) of each domain similar to Google Page Rank (PR).
  2. Small Seo Tools – Backlink Checker: Maximum 10 results are shown per page having Site PR, Page PR, Anchor Text and do-follow or no-follow flag with the link source that contains a link to your website.
  3. Majestic SEO: Majestic SEO has the largest commercial Link Intelligence database in the world. It has its own matrices such as Flow Metrics, Trust Flow, Citation Flow for each website.
  4. SEMrush: SEMrush is a popular tool for keyword research and online competitor analysis, available with the global database of 25+ countries including the US, UK and India.
  5. Moz- Open Site Explorer:  OSE, powered by world’s leading inbound marketing agency MOZ, fetches data from the Mozscape index and allows you to quickly inspect DA, PA, Just Discovered Links, Established Links, Facebook shares/likes, tweets, and Google +1s – all specific to a given URL.
  6. Backlink Watch:  This free tool will show you anchor text, Page Rank, total outbound links and no follow flag for each of the backlink.
  7. Rank Signals: A free SEO tool that helps you discover backlinks, Page Rank, Alexa and social metrics of a website.
  8. Link Diagnosis: One of the most well-known backlink analysis tool, best supported by Firefox as an add-on.
  9. Advanced Link Manager: A desktop based software that help you keep track of incoming and outgoing links for your website.
  10. Google Webmaster: Google Webmaster is one of the free tool for site owners and marketers to know the backlink data of the website.
  11. Bing Webmaster: Like GWT, Bing also offers backlinks summary for your website in the webmaster which is free to use.
  12. Open Link Profiler: Another, free backlink analysis tool that enables you to analyse active and fresh backlinks (up to 200,000 fresh links per site) of the website.
  13. WebMeUp: This is another backlink tool that help you see unique, SEO-significant backlinks evaluate your link profile and the associated link risks.
  14. Monitor Backlinks: This backlink tool gives you the ability to find the top 300 backlinks of a domain which are sorted by strength.
  15. SeoChat: This tool gives you a list of internal and external backlinks on a webpage.
  16. Linkody: It is an easy to use backlink checker tool that monitor backlinks and help to identify and disavow harmful backlink.
  17. Analyze Backlinks: Free backlink analysis tool, call itself Yahoo Site Explorer alternative.
  18. SEO Spyglass: This tool spy on websites that complete on your keyword and determine the backlinks of the websites their type, age and Google PageRank.
  19. Traffic Travis: This desktop based tool help you to discover backlinks for your website and your competitor site. This tool has also other SEO features as well.
  20. Moonsearch: This complete SEO tool provides extensive information on the domain’s backlinks and traffic sources.
  21. CognitiveSEO: One of my favourite tool that quickly finds backlink, top pages, page authority and domain authority etc.

Duplicate Content Checker

  1. Copyscape: One of the most popular and paid plagiarism tool that check if content is unique and original.
  2. Small Seo Tools – Plagiarism Checker: Free tool for checking duplicate content.
  3. Dupli Checker: Free plagiarism detection tool scan the web for duplicate content, just copy paste or upload your content file.
  4. Siteliner: Helps find duplicate content, broken links and more.
  5. Plag Spotter: It is a duplicate content checking and monitoring tool that scan and detect your pages for duplicate content.
  6. Web Confs: This tool determines the % of similarity between two URLs or web pages.
  7. Plagiarisma: Free Online Plagiarism Checker made for students, teachers, writers and scholars that detect copyright infringement in essay, research work or course work by searching in Google, Yahoo, Google Scholar and Google Books.
  8. DupeOff: Check duplicate content online by splitting your content in sub-sentences and queries in Google, Yahoo and Bing.
  9. CopyGator: This online tool show you if your website content is being used somewhere on the web.
  10. Virante: Another free web based plagiarism tool to detect duplicate content.
  11. Screaming Frog: It is a desktop based tool that lookup for pages with duplicate content.
  12. Plagium: Popular plagiarism tracker and checker which track usage of original text up to 25,000 characters:
  13. Article Checker: Allows you to check web pages and articles for plagiarism.
  14. Plagiarism Checker: As name suggests, check for plagiarism on internet for free.
  15. Plagiarism Detect: A tool that can spot the slightest similarities between a submitted text and all pages on the web.
  16. Dust Ball: A great tool for students is a free plagiarism detector that finds plagiarized text in homework, reports and essay etc.
  17. Paper Rater: This tool finds out if the content contains plagiarized by comparing it over 10 billion documents.
  18. Plag Tracker: Teachers, students, website owners can easily benefit by this tool to ensure that their texts are unique.
  19. Plag Scan: This compares your document with others on web and highlights relevant correlations between them.
  20. Viper: Easy-to-use downloadable free plagiarism scanner.
  21. Copyact: Suggested by one of the reader, this tool offers a comprehensive plagiarism protection.

Keyword Research:

  1. Google KeyWord Planner: Free Google Adwords tool  that helps you find keyword ideas, their search volume according to geographical locations and upon the type of device.
  2. Free alternative to Google Keyword Planner that helps you find 750+ keyword suggestions for free.

Google Page Rank Checker

  1. Check Page Rank: Free tool to check Google PageRank.
  2. PR Checker: Free tool to check current page rank of any web page or website.
  3. PageRank Checker: A free tool from to check the PageRank of any web page.
  4. Small Seo Tools – Google PR Checker: Use this free tool to find the page rank of any web page or website.
  5. Moonsy: You can quickly check Google Page Rank (PR) of any website or any subpage.

Social Media Management

  1. Hootsuite: It is most popular social media management tool that help you manage your social networks, schedule posts, engage with audiences, and measure ROI.
  2. BufferApp: Like Hootsuite, Buffer is a super easy to use tool to share and schedule your posts on different social media channels with detailed analytics and post suggestions according to your interest.
  3. SocialOomph: Like Hootsuite and Buffer, it is another social media management tool with additional features such as Plurk, schedule and publish blog posts etc.

Social Media Count Tools

  1. SharedCount: This helps you social count of a page or blog post – likes, plus ones, tweets, LinkedIn shares, pin and stumbleupon.
  2. FeedTheBot Social Media Count Tool: Similar to SharedCount, it tracks URL shares, likes, tweets, plus and more.
  3. Buzzsumo Chrome Extension: Quickly get social share counts for the page you’re viewing, tweet count is another amazing feature!

Check Website Down or Up

  1. Down For Everyone or Just Me? One of my favourite and popular site that allows you to enter a website URL to check if it is accessible and running up.
  2. Is it Down Right Now? This tool monitors the status of entered web sites and checks whether they are down or not.
  3. Site24x7: This tool test the availability and performance of entered and make sure your visitors can access it.
  4. Down Right Now: Anther which tells you the status of your favourite web service.
  5. Website Down: This tool test any website’s reachability in real-time.

Other Tools

1. It is a tool that manages your online identity and security. It makes your web searches private, stop identity and hackers theft, prevent suspicious and malware advertising and let you see who is tracking you.
2. Trello: It is a free tool to organize projects and workflow – ideas, to do things, doing and done items on a single visual board.

Note: This is not the final list, still in progress. If you have any tool, please share in comments to make the list better and help others.

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    That’s the most extended list of seo tools I’ve ever seen 🙂 Thanks for that! I know one more duplicate content checker that’s not on your list and if I may contribute, here’s the address:
    All the best,


    I have a suggested addition to the list: It’s a super simple Google rank checker, with a free 30 day trial period. We’re also working on creating a completely free tier, where you can monitor 3 keywords for free (indefinitely). Would love it if you could add it to your list 🙂


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