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6 Best Logo Makers – Create Your Logo Online

Nowadays, whether you are a business or a personal brand, having a logo that identifies you is almost mandatory to get recognition...

Written by Deepanshu Gahlaut · 3 min read >

Nowadays, whether you are a business or a personal brand, having a logo that identifies you is almost mandatory to get recognition of your brand. If you don’t have one yet, either because of costs or because you haven’t considered it.

If you have little knowledge of graphic design, don’t be mortified either, as they are simple and easy to use. If you’re not quite convinced why you need a one yet, you’d better take a look at what’s next.

What is a logo and what is it for?

It is a graphic and visual representation that works to help identify a product and/or service. It is also used to give an identity to companies as an element that characterizes them, graphically.

Therefore, logos function as a quick recognition and identification method, thanks to the visual identity they can generate. It is enough that its mere presence is so that you can know which brand it refers to.

You may remember some of your favorite brands because of some universal symbols. If so, then you understand that the creation of this visual element is necessary to make yourself known to your potential consumers.

Best 6 Programs To Make Logos Online for Free

Now that the above has explained a bit, it is time to take action. You do not need to consult a designer or if you don’t have time, you can work in one with any free online logo maker program like the ones below show you.

These programs are easy to use. You will not need tedious installations or pay some kind of license. They are very good for those who start or want to do it themselves.


Desygner is your go-to solution for creating visual content, as it offers numerous tools to create or design images for your business or personal projects. You can start from a blank template, set your own dimensions or start by choosing a professionally designed template.

You get access to easy-to-use editing features like background remover, pdf editor, and animation. You also get access to the largest professional stock photo collection of 150+ million images.


With DesignEvo, you can make logos with impeccable finishes, thanks to a large number of templates available. From different themes such as animal, fashion, food, and more, there are 10,000+ available for you to choose from.

You can add a slogan of your company to give it a more professional touch to your logo. Vectorized and in high quality, they are editable and can be saved within your platform.

You can reset colors and fonts, as well as vary the main design. However, this program is too simple and has fundamental functions, so we do not recommend it to professionals.

If you liked this free logo generator, you can try it here on its homepage and start designing.


Creating your personal logo will take only a few minutes. You only need to enter the name of your brand to create it in a matter of seconds; you will see options on one of the best pages to make logos.

Improve the design options in your logo by previewing how it would be applied to documents.

If you already have a web logo of your brand, you can edit it again to change the font color or the main icon. However, this program has a particular disadvantage since, in its free version, it will only allow you to download the small image.

Therefore, if you want to download your logo in a larger image and with a transparent background in high resolution, you must pay for it. If you want to use its service, you have to register and save it.


GraphicSprings is an online program that allows you to design different symbols, whether you use it for your brand or your business. You can obtain these designs in a matter of minutes and without the need to get help from a professional.

To do this, you must put the name of your brand or company in the images, choosing a template as a starting point. Modify the color, vector, shape and typography of your logo.

You can adjust your logo online as much as you want and modify it to make it look even more elaborate. However, compared to other programs, it falls short in the number of templates.

Although it allows you to design for free, when you are satisfied with the design, you must pay to download your logo in high resolution. In this way, the design will be free for you to use on web pages.


With Mikons, you can create any kind of design. And if you have already worked on one before, then you can load it the tools to continue editing it there.

In fact, this platform offers you not only a creator of logos but also being able to design a variety of products such as T-shirts, glasses or caps.

In this way, you can integrate your design into any of them and sell them online. Mikons becomes a potent tool for those who are small entrepreneurs.


With Youidraw, you will have an opportunity to create your logo online, vectorizing it to have ideal for website icons, buttons, and much more with a lot of styles that you can see.

It has a series of graphic templates that bring different elements so you can work quickly. Its vector library comes with hundreds of templates and buttons that you can effectively apply to your design.

When your design is ready, we recommend that you save it in PNG format. You can access it on its homepage or install the official Chrome Web Store to use it.

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