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Thinking About A Career Switch To Digital Marketing?

Note: This is a guest post by Daniel Ross of Roubler. The author’s views are entirely his own and may not reflect...

Written by Deepanshu Gahlaut · 3 min read >

Note: This is a guest post by Daniel Ross of Roubler. The author’s views are entirely his own and may not reflect the views of Deepanshu Gahlaut’s Blog.

Aren’t you tired of having to wake up early in the morning and seeing the same buildings on the road to work?

Yes, it’s a feeling that everyone experiences. The routine becomes unbearable, and you start to wonder if the job is really worth it. Moreover, you start thinking if it’s time to quit and find a new job.

Nowadays, it’s really hard to find a job that you love, or a job you have prepared for. Times have changed, and now you might end up doing something completely different than what you were expecting. If you’re doing what you like, then you’re one lucky individual. If not, maybe you want to read on…

More and more people discover the benefits of digital marketing and wonder if they could do it, as well. It’s a domain that requires a lot of creativity in order to be successful. The good thing is that you don’t necessarily need a college major for this.

Talent and knowledge are the best ingredients for this job, as well as dedication.

So, are you planning to give up on your “painful” job to join the world of digital marketing? Well, here are some tips that can help you.

1. Read as Much as You Can

Knowledge is one of the key factors that you must have in digital marketing. Therefore, you need to know as much as possible about the industry as a whole. So, you should read as much as you can about the following things:

  • Email marketing
  • Web analytics
  • Social media
  • SEO
  • Content marketing
  • PPC
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Mobile marketing
  • Marketing automation
  • Branding
  • Online Reputation Management

2. Get an Internship

Getting an internship has a lot of advantages. It could help you get your career on track and will show you what you need to learn to achieve success in this domain. It will also teach you what it’s like to be part of a team.

Basically, you will learn about digital marketing by putting it into practice. It is going to be like having a real job and it prepares you for what’s about to come. It helps you learn how to overcome unexpected situations and how to work together with team and solve problems.

Even if it’s unpaid, it’s worth it because it helps you on the road to being paid. Knowledge is essential to gaining money.

3. Learn Independently

Don’t just finish the internship and call it quits. Independent learning is a must if you want to have a successful long-lasting job.

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So, whenever you have some free time, try to learn something by yourself. Seek advice from others in the industry, look for online information, go to conferences/workshops, etc.

4. Get Certifications

There are many employers for whom some qualifications on your resume are very important. Sometimes, this requires obtaining certifications from Google and other industry leaders.

Google teaches you how to use their online tools by offering digital marketing certifications. These tools include AdWords that helps show ads above the search results, the Youtube advertising platform and Google Analytics.

Using these tools is not so easy as you might think and you need to take an exam for each of them. The good thing is that you can take the exams for as many times as you wish.

5. Seek More Responsibilities

It’s good to take some more marketing responsibilities in your current company. Not only that you get to learn even more, but the manager is going to be happy as well. He would definitely like the fact that you’re showing so much interest and dedication.

Seeking more responsibilities allows you to add more value to the organization and build your authority. Plus, it shows you have initiative, you want to improve your skill set and support your teammates as well.

6. Attend Conferences or Events

They’re great learning tools and they also help you meet new people in the same industry.

So, before going to an event, check out to see what other people are going. You could choose some people you admire to talk to and they could advise you on what to do and motivate you to work towards your goal.

For a higher chance to get to speak to them, try to reach out to these people before the conference. This way, you know the odds are in your favor, and you don’t miss the opportunity.

7. Get a Job

After gaining some experience in the digital marketing industry, it’s time to get a job. However, you don’t have to feel obliged to start your job as soon as the learning process is over. Do it when you feel prepared.

Also, after getting the job, there is one thing you should keep in mind: the fact that you should not stop learning. Although you have experience, there are surely many things yet to be discovered. Moreover, if you keep learning, you have the chance to get promoted and earn a bigger salary.

Keep in mind that you should be patient as well. A promotion doesn’t happen overnight. You should know by now that the learning process takes time, and you’d only cause more harm by rushing.

8. Listen to Feedback

Feedback and constructive criticism are not meant to hurt you. On the contrary, they are meant to help you fix your mistakes and improve.

Also, don’t just wait for others to give you that feedback. You should ask for it. Sometimes, people don’t know if you’d accept and value their help.

Therefore, listen to the people around you because they are going to give you valuable advice. So, if you really want to be successful, you should take feedback into account.

Final Thoughts

Making a career switch and turning to digital marketing is a great idea if it interests you. Before you start, you need knowledge and experience like in any other domain. However, if you’re tired of your current job and like the online world, then digital marketing can be the right industry for you.

Author Bio

Daniel Ross is part of the marketing team at Roubler — a scheduling and payroll cloud software platform founded in Australia. Their mission is to change the way the world manages its workforces.

Written by Deepanshu Gahlaut
I write on SEO, content marketing, latest technologies, and social media. You can find me online, or at home watching sci-fi movies, listening songs, or sleeping. In addition, my latest obsession is creating, collecting and organizing visual content on my new blog - Infopixi, to help bloggers, marketers, and businesses. Profile

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  1. Hi Deepanshu, I have come across many posts before but this type of post is really unique. All the 11 points are most specific for DM but content is great way to generate traffic. I just read an article of Entercerebrum that if the content will be of high quality you can get 1k traffic/Article. Do you agree with this point what they mentioned?

    1. If your content is of high quality, you’ll get love from readers as well as from Google which means a lot of organic traffic, natural links to your content, word of mouth and social sharing.

  2. I read your blog.This blog contains very imprortant and usefull directions and guidelines for a readers. I really like your blog .Thanks for sharing a piece of advice with us.

  3. Hey Deepanshu great blog on telling people how digital marketing choosing as a career would help them in future. I totally agree with your thought that digital marketing is the best way a business can expand in limited amount of time.

  4. Wonderful article sir. an excellent information given by you during this blog. It really informative and really helpful. Keep posting are going to be expecting your next blog.Thank you.

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