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Tips on Choosing A Good Web Hosting Service For Your Business

Note: This is a guest post by Barrack Diego. The author’s views are entirely his own and may not reflect the views of Deepanshu...

Written by Deepanshu Gahlaut · 3 min read >

Note: This is a guest post by Barrack Diego. The author’s views are entirely his own and may not reflect the views of Deepanshu Gahlaut’s Blog.

It is always a dilemma for the business owners and technology administrators to choose the right provider for web hosting, which is most of the times a third-party service to be availed. It is the primary requirement for anyone owning a website from businesses to developers, bloggers, consultants, professionals among others.

If the web hosting is done right at a safer hand, then you can enjoy the benefits of it through a high-performing host and a lifetime of peace. Maximum uptime and anytime support are the two key aspects to consider while planning for a host. On the other hand, rushing into any random hosting service without proper research may lead to falling prey to some traps.

There are plenty of web hosting providers, but not all of them are the same. Choosing the wrong host may ultimately end up in a totally messy web management experience, severe damage to online customer interactions, and ultimately a very expensive service termination and loss of data.

So, be informative and diligent while choosing the most appropriate web hosting service provider for you.

Know what hosting services you need

Before starting your search for a perfect hosting mate, think for a moment to see what you are looking forward to getting out of it. Even though the process of hosting is more or less the same and the cost is measured in terms of the space used, the need of different users looking for hosting services may differ.

So, it is essential for anyone looking for a hosting service to have a better understating of the priorities before signing up with hosting services.

1. Shared hosting as an ideal option for small websites

In shared hosting, many websites may share the same server space. Shared hosting may seem to be a very attractive option for those who are on a limited budget, but you need to consider your actual needs too before enrolling.

Shared hosting is much simpler and uncomplicated nowadays. Most of the small business owners, with their first-time hosting needs, tend to try out shared hosting packages. They may later upgrade to a dedicated hosting or VPS hosting plan to meet their increasing needs.

As web hosting companies can add thousands of customers into a single server, they tend to offer some value-added services also with shared hosting plans. While approaching a shared hosting service provider, you can check for services like content delivery networks, website builders, automatic backups, e-Com tools, etc. to explore various avenues of online site management.

However, there are some disadvantages as well. As the server resources get split for the use of many sites, it could adversely affect the performance as the number of websites, and their functionalities grow. So, be diligent while choosing one.

2. VPS hosting for fast-growing websites

VPS is a common choice now, which means virtual private server. This is the comfortable middle ground between shared hosting and dedicated servers. The VPS machine is divided into several virtual machines, which even though share the space of a server, will act as unique dedicated servers. With this, each website gets a larger space and greater control than those in the shared hosting environments.

With a VPS, the users are free to add more computing resources or remove the unwanted at any time. This scalability makes VPS very cost-effective solutions in hosting as a pay as you use service. The high-end VPS hosting services now feature high-speed SSD storage or solid-state drivers along with dedicated services for advanced software updates.

You may also have to check whether the VPS hosts offer security, monitoring, and CDN services also to meet up with your growing needs.

3. Dedicated Hosting for security and optimum server resources

The top-most option to choose in terms of hosting is dedicated server. For the websites requiring high-end resources and need to handle huge volume traffic, the solution is dedicated hosting, which is the concept of using entire server resources to support your website.

Dedicated servers give full control in your hands and can meet any of the customized configuration needs based on your website priorities. The customers will have full control over the server architecture, security systems, OS, load balancing, etc. to name a few.

However, the dedicated server doesn’t come that cheap. You will find dedicated hosting plans the most expensive among the lists, given the need for top-notch hardware, round-the-clock support, managed services, etc.

However, fully making the investment worth, dedicated hosting comes with a number of features too as automatic backup and recovery, data migrations, dedicated IPs, unlimited e-mail, and choice of operating systems, etc.

Understand your resource requirement

The novice hosting users may tend to stick to the providers offering maximum features at the fewest cost. Instead of seeking out for the most powerful partner, you may tend to find the most viable hosting solution which is compatible with your needs.

Say, for example, some may prioritize the need for unlimited email functionality rather than storage whereas a developer may prefer to have higher bandwidth and security. So, it is essential to check the technical features of the hosting service to get hold of the best. Let’s see some primary considerations to make.

  1. Storage/RAM
  2. Bandwidth
  3. Data transfer requirements
  4. Number of domains
  5. Email features
  6. Uptime claims
  7. Security and support
  8. Overall reliability etc.

Ultimately, you also have to understand how the pricing of hosting services work. Don’t end up in trouble with the low-cost scavenger hunt in hosting. Even though the cost is a significant factor to consider for your hosting decision, don’t tend to compromise on performance and security over price.

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