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[Guest Post] 5 Creative Ideas for Affiliate Marketers to Make Content Productive

Note: This is a guest post by Sohel Ather. The author’s views are entirely his own and may not reflect the views...

Written by Deepanshu Gahlaut · 4 min read >
ideas for affiliate marketing content

Note: This is a guest post by Sohel Ather. The author’s views are entirely his own and may not reflect the views of Deepanshu Gahlaut’s Blog.

Whether you own a blog or a business website, you must be passionate about the project. Affiliate marketing offers the best opportunity to transform your darling project into a profitable business. But, simply adding a few links here and there is not going to help you make money in the longer run. It would just be a short-lived affair.

Being creative with your content and the way you promote your links in the content is the only way to make your affiliate marketing associations pay off.

The content must provide useful information to the readers that would compel them to read and make them curious to know more by clicking on the links.

To achieve this, take a cue from the content marketing materials used by the brands. Refer to the style and way they format the content, and accordingly create engaging content with valuable information that will not just empower the readers to make better purchasing decisions, but will also help you earn a fortune through affiliate marketing.

While you are busy making money, you must also keep a few tools handy that includes loyalty and referral resources, and high-quality affiliate tracking programs. While the loyalty and referral resources can help you keep track of your loyalty points and referrals, the affiliate tracking software helps you to keep track of your commissions generated from referrals and conversions.

LeadDyno is one such effective tool that offers a seamless experience by presenting the analytics regarding your earnings via their app and the mobile dashboard.

So, let’s see what types of content you must try for increased revenue from affiliate marketing.

1. Product Reviews

Review articles are perhaps the easiest to write especially if you are a beginner in affiliate marketing. You are required to write your opinion on the selected product from the merchant’s list, and that should be based on your experience with the product.

So, all you need to do is purchase the product, or simply request a retailer to let you try the product for a few days, till you complete the review. You can then use the product and write a review based on what you like or dislike.

However, a well-written product review complete with pros and cons, what the product claims, what the label reads, your experience (how often you used it and how it helped you), and a rating, that will make your content more elaborate.

The detailed information about the product will drive more traffic and it’s highly likely that the readers will convert into a sale. The key here is to not to make your post look absolute promotional, but should be more informative with your likes and dislikes mentioned in a more educational manner than being too sales focused.

That makes your approach more convincing for the clients. It’s crucial for you to gain the trust of your audience while you offer them genuine information on what exactly makes the product worth buying. The length of such posts should be usually 1000 plus words.

2. Product Comparisons

We all read comparison articles of two or more products that are similar in feature (offered by same or different brands) before we decide to buy a product. It can be anything from cosmetics, smartphones, other digital gadgets, cars, etc.

For example, last week I purchased a new smartphone, but I was confused between two models from two different brands. So, I researched a bit online and read a few comparison articles that helped me finalize the one I wanted.

So, when you are writing a comparison content, you need to address the usual questions that a reader may have while they are purchasing a certain product. The articles should be powerful enough to help them derive to a conclusion whether the product is up to their expectations and if they should go for it.

These articles are more like the reviews where you need to cover all the possible information regarding the product while ensuring that you do not appear pushy. A complete comparison post should not only contain compare the products against each other efficiently, but should also offer mini-reviews of each of the products, along with top three picks of the week or the month, and a comparison table featuring the features of the product and the price alongside.

This type of detailed information compels the readers to click on the links and complete a sale.

3. Informative Videos

Usually, text-based contents are more popular in affiliate marketing because it’s easier to place the affiliate links in blogs and articles. However, there are many choosing video content or video tutorials to over text constant, because visual media is more engaging for them.

At the same time, you can also combine both the worlds by creating an informative video demonstrating the advantages of a product, or by creating a visual interpretation of your review and consequently insert it in one of your related text posts that offer similar information.

If you are creating a video of “how to fix your makeup” on YouTube, you can also add a link below that directs readers to your text posts related to the same topic and the affiliate links.

Adding the affiliate links at the bottom of the video will ensure that the client clicks on the link out of curiosity if the video is good enough to compel them to buy.

Moreover, make sure that you have a powerful affiliate tracking program like LeadDyno to help you keep track of such clicks and the earnings in real-time via their advanced mobile dashboard.

4. How-To Article

How-to articles are one of the most popular forms of blogs these days as they offer tutorials on “how-to” do certain things like “how to make a face pack for oily skin at home”, “how to cook pasta in 5 different styles”, or “how to start a career in SEO”, and so on.

But, for affiliate marketing, it could be like “how to stay fashionable in $100 a month?”, “how to build a home gym for $100”, and so on.

For affiliate marketing, there are a few different approaches that you can adopt. Your focus should be on how to make the most out of a product or its features. But, general how-to articles are equally effective in directing the readers towards the affiliate products.

5. Video Tutorials

It’s the same thing as “how-to” articles but in video form. Videos give you the opportunity to demonstrate the benefits and uses of the product easily because the audience can view it in real-time. Video tutorials are specifically beneficial for affiliate products that are complicated to use.

For example, a software that has lot many features. Again, you can link the videos to your post that explains the same thing in text format.


Content marketing is one of the most effective forms of online marketing these days, especially for the affiliate programs. It’s easier to earn customer loyalty with informational articles that are useful for them. This makes them take informative decisions before they purchase a product.

At the same time, keep a track of your sales figures and the commissions you earn using a trusted affiliate tracking program that can keep you updated on your progress towards success.

How are your affiliate marketing efforts? Is there anything you would like to add to this list? Please share in comments.

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