Now I’m a Google Adwords Certified Professional!

Just wanted to share that I’ve passed Google Adwords certification (Fundamental + Search Advertising) today in my 2nd attempt…. I’ve been taking...

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Google Adwords Certificate - Deepanshu Gahlaut

Just wanted to share that I’ve passed Google Adwords certification (Fundamental + Search Advertising) today in my 2nd attempt….
Google Adwords Certificate - Deepanshu Gahlaut

I’ve been taking on some Google certification such as Adwords and Analytics recently and my latest accomplishment is Google Adwords certification. I passed Google Adwords Fundamental exam on 23-Nov-2015, but the Search Advertising was something advanced and different exam.
Google Adwords Fundamental Exam Result - Deepanshu

Image: Fundamental Exam Result

After the first failure in Search Advertising exam, I realized that there are a couple of things I needed to account for. After my first failed attempt, I reviewed some of the Google Adwords mock test available online, asked some questions from experts in Google Advertiser Community, watched Youtube videos and read the Adwords fundamental.

Failed Attempt - Google Search Advertising

Image: 1st failed attempt – Search Advertising exam

Now, that I’ve passed the exam, I’d like to share few tips that will help you become a certified Google Advertiser!

Tips to Help You Become Certified

  1. In order to become Adwords Certified, you will need to pass a minimum of two tests.
    – The Advertising Fundamentals Exam
    – Either the Advanced Search Exam or the Advanced Display Exam
  2. To give exam, you will need to create a profile on the Google Partners platform:
  3. You can either choose I’m an Agency or Individual, whatever applicable to you.
  4. Once the sign-up process is complete, under Certification, on the left-hand side, you can find the link to take the respective exam and the read the study material available.
  5. Again, note that everybody needs to take (and pass) the Advertising Fundamentals exam to become certified and, at least, one of the advanced exams, which are Advanced Search and Advanced Display.
  6. Here are the direct links to guides: Fundamental Exam Guide (PDF) and Search Advertising Exam Guide (PDF)
  7. Make sure you have at least set up an AdWords account so you are familiar with the interface and can apply the concepts you learn to an account.
  8. If you are going to take Advanced Search exam, understand that the Search Advertising Exam is quite different from the Fundamental exam. It covers advanced concepts, including best practices for creating, managing and optimizing campaigns for Google Search Network and partner sites such as AOL.
  9. Don’t blindly believe in the tips and best practices provided by other websites rather than Google.
  10. Make sure to revise the fundamental as well, because there are many questions from the Fundamental section as well in the Advanced Search Exam.
  11. Take the time to read the questions and available choices properly. There is plenty of time (120 minutes), so don’t be afraid to take the time to read through and process the information.
  12. Ask from experts. Sign up on Google Advertiser Community. This study/discussion group allows you to talk to peers about situations or techniques that you may have never encountered yourself in the past.
  13. Don’t worry if you fail, especially if it is your first time. It can be tricky to understand how the questions are worded the first time you take the exam. The good thing is that you can re-take the exam in 7 days.
  14. Don’t forget to visit for more help and information on the exam.

Ready to take the exam? You can head to and take the exam for free!

Good Luck! I hope this article would help you pass the examination and earn your Adwords certification!

Written by Deepanshu Gahlaut
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  1. congratulation on completing you google certifications.

    indeed it was a nice write-up explaining the process of certifications.

    but, i just want to know the value addition which you got – for being google certified professional.

  2. Hi,
    Congratulations for getting Google Certified and thanks for sharing tips for getting through. One thing i would like to know where can i find pdf link for complete Fundamentals as well as Search Advertising exams. All the google displays is a concised form of both . It becomes difficult to go thro each and every modules on Google page. Can you please share links for detailed Advertising exams. What you have shared opens to only summarized form. Thank You.

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