[Infographic] 6 Landing Page Tips To Increase Your Conversion Rate in 2020

Creating landing pages is easy, very easy. But optimizing these pages to convert visitors into the customers or make them take some...

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landing page tips increase conversion rate

Creating landing pages is easy, very easy. But optimizing these pages to convert visitors into the customers or make them take some action is very hard.

Landing pages are the first touchpoint for visitors after they click on an ad, email link, special offer links etc.

The quality of the landing page, engaging content and the message and value that landing page offer to visitors help decide whether they will convert or not. You don’t want people to just visit your landing pages and then leave. Do you?

Actually, your objective is to make them take action such as sign up, phone call, chat, email, subscribe to your blog etc. once they are on the page.

In this digital era where visitors are fed with so much information and they have so many options available on the web to satisfy their needs, having all elements that help them take actions on your website is more important than ever.

But, is there any way to create such high performing landing pages that convert?

Here is a good news! A recent survey by Unbounce, which analyzed data from 18,639 landing pages, revealed top elements that make a high converting landing page.

These include –

#1. Number of Links: Pages with only one main call-to-action (link) have a higher conversion rate of 13.5%, quite higher in comparison to with 2 or more links.

#2. Page Load Time: Which is largely affected by uncompressed images, is one of the important factors that contribute to conversion rate. Pages that require no image compression have a conversion rate of 11.40%, quite higher in comparison with pages with uncompressed and higher size images.

#3. Social Proof: Pages with social proof such as social media post, customer images, testimonials, press mentions etc. have an average conversion rate of 12.50%.

#4. Source of Traffic: Email is #1 source (among paid, social, search, and direct) that brings higher conversion on a landing page with an average rate of 13%.

#5. Mobile-Responsive: Pages that are mobile-responsive have an average conversion rate of 11.70% in comparison to pages that are not responsive on mobile devices.

#6. Word Count: You don’t need a lot of text on your landing pages. Landing pages that are word-count-conscious, concise and have a clear message convert on average at 14.30%.

If you are an SEO, PPC expert, Social Media pro or a website owner and running any kind of paid campaigns (PPC, email, display banners, contests etc) to drive traffic to your landing page and convert those visitors to your customers, you should keep these six attributes in mind while optimizing your landing page.

Because ROI is certainly not a joke.

To learn more, check out this Unbounce infographic below.

landing page trends 2018 infographic conversion tips

Infographic: The Data Behind Landing Page Trends in 2018, Unbounce

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