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5 Killer Tips to Build Your Startup’s Brand

Startups are having another good year. The intersection between technology and business is still the best way to make money. This also...

Written by Deepanshu Gahlaut · 2 min read >

Startups are having another good year. The intersection between technology and business is still the best way to make money. This also means that the competition is greater than ever and distinguishing startups among hundreds of others.

Technically, there is no formula or a proven way to create an indelible and renowned brand, but there are few ways that can help you while trying to establish your startups’ brand.

1. Create a Story

People are naturally attracted to stories. Telling a story can enchant the audience with the right techniques and a little practice. They are a vital way for you to let your readers understand your concept easily without turning your content into a cumbersome piece.

This is not a new idea – corporate houses, authors and politicians have been using this from years for the sake of their marketing goals. Try using this approach when building your brand and stay away from being too talkative about your services and products, rather use a narrative around it.

Once you start implementing it, your entire marketing strategy will evolve around it. Such a fine step to convert your brand image into a recognizable shape!

2. Think About Your Competition

Data and information are the weapons. Besides doing the random things and adapting it as an experiment, brands can learn from the mistakes of their competitors. Start analysing the data based on three WH words – What?… Why?… How?… I do not mean to suggest you replicate your competitor’s campaign, but a bunch of strategic ideas can be curated out of it.

Attentively focus from the start – their marketing pro channels, their way of conveying message to audience, search for the publications and media they’re advertising and taking leads, their mass customer base, everything. Gather all this data on the board and adapt profitable things for your business.

3. Visual Remembrance

All of the marketing tactics and efforts will be vanished if a start-up doesn’t focus on its visual branding. While I am talking about visual strategy, I do mean of how you can strategize to stand apart from your competitors.

How can your brand become memorable to your targeted audience? People will see your company’s web presence once they read or hear about it.

That’s why it is vital to create a strong first impression. Your logo should be a visual representation of your business yet meaningful and your tag line should deliver the message directly with clarity.

4. Focus on What’s Unique

If you’re the only company that offers a unique product or service, then you have nothing to worry about, because you set the stage for others. But chances are that you’re not, so your most important task is to figure out what separates you from the pack and to focus on it with everything you’ve got.

This can be a specific benefit of your product, the quality of service or even the price itself, but it has to be something that can be presented to your customers.

5. Communication

At first, your company should do as much as it can to communicate with customers on every platform and in every way. Reputation is built slowly and it should be done immediately.

Create an online presence right away and do it on every social media, all the forums and blogs related to your industry. Take this seriously, and find the right people for the job. This is the way your company communicates with the world and it should represent the very best of what you have to offer.

Your company may be the best at what it does, but that doesn’t mean a lot if you can’t show it to your clients. Creating a brand that is identified with your company’s strengths should be your top priority.

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Written by Deepanshu Gahlaut
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