Meaning of Diksha – Initiation (शुरुआत)


The meaning of “Diksha” is Initiation (शुरूआत), Sacrifice (बलिदान), or Preparation for Ceremony (समारोह की तैयारी).

More about Diksha name:

The origin of the word “Diksha”is in Sanskrit. Diksha’s name is feminine (girls) name. In Jainism, Diksha is also called Charitra or Mahanibhiskraman. In India, the name is commonly spelled as “Deeksha”, “Diksa”, and “Deeksa”.

  • Other meanings – Self-reliant, The one who initiates
  • Devnagari/Hindi meaning – दीक्षा
  • Gender – Female
  • Rashi – Meen (Pisces/Fish)
  • Religion – Hindu
  • Lucky number – 3, 7, 9
  • Dominant Planet- Jupiter (Guru)
  • Nakshatra- Purva Bhadra
  • Auspicious Metal- Bronze
  • Auspicious Colour- Yellow, Light Green
  • Lucky Days- Monday, Thursday
  • Numerology Number- 7

Full form of “Diksha” Name

If you are Diksha, here is the hidden meaning behind the letters to show your attributes and character.

  • D – Disciplined
  • I – Intelligent
  • K – Kind-hearted
  • S – Strong
  • H – Honest
  • A – Aesthetic

Numerological Meaning

Let’s see what your name says about you.

  1. You have a clear intuition, clear awareness and careful attitude about what you want to achieve in life.
  2. You are very romantic and believe in a happy and successful relationship.
  3. You have philosophical qualities.
  4. You have a fine sense of justice.
  5. You possess clarity and persistence in your search for truth.
  6. You are a great educator and researcher.
  7. You care for family, friends and who are important to you.
  8. Sometimes, you are very lazy and idle.
  9. Sometimes, you feel depressed and would love to stay alone.  
  10. You love to hide the inner fear and weakness, and show the courage to do the impossible.

Other Facts

There are several names that have similar meaning and originated from the ‘Diksha’ word such as ‘Dikshant’(male), Dakshi’(female), ‘Dikshu’ (male).

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