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4 Apps That Will Make the Best of Your Android Camera

Let’s admit it, we’re all a bunch of pretentious nerds who can’t help clicking photos of everything we do in life. See...

Written by Deepanshu Gahlaut · 2 min read >
4 Apps That Will Make the Best of Your Android Camera

Let’s admit it, we’re all a bunch of pretentious nerds who can’t help clicking photos of everything we do in life. See a pretty flower on the road? See a street kid performing tricks? See a fire? See yourself in the rear view mirror and realize you look really good today?

The first reaction is to take out our phone and capture a moment because that’s the primary reason we have phones- to treat it like a DSLR camera to take epic shots and then post it on Facebook for some really cool comments and likes because that’s what energize and boosts our egos nowadays.

What is even better, the fact that there is a host of apps available to further enhance the camera features of your android phone. Whether we have a 5 MP camera or a 21 MP camera, these apps will surely take your photography skills to a new height:

1. Collage Maker Pro

I’m sure each one of us has faced a situation in life where we want to share 10-15 photos but are afraid to come across as a psycho for clogging up other people’s walls with post after post on how great a time we’re having. This is the perfect app for such occasions where we can make a photo collage and make a perfect compilation of all the photos we’d like to share.

You can choose photos from Facebook or your phone gallery and easily rotate, crop and edit them. There is a range of photo effects to play around with to let you give your photos a great touch up.

2. Pixlr

This is a powerful photo editor with a host of photo effects to keep you busy for hours. From normal editing including rotate, contrast and brightness, crop and resize it also allows you to apply lots of effects to make your photos look vintage, glowing or blurry along with added effects of various borders, text applications and stickers that really make your photos look funky and adorable.

Make yourself a pro with this photo app and amaze everyone by giving your photos a professional touch up making you look nothing less than a supermodel from a magazine.

3. PicsArt Photo Studio

This app is rightly named as a photo studio with the host of features it brings to you in the palm of your hands. You get to use a host of photo editing tools to really channel your inner creativity with a photo editor, collage maker, and even a drawing studio. Now create art with a quick swipe on your smartphone and use tools like clone tool, enhancement tool, and filters to give your photos a cool makeover.

You can now instantly share your photos on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and unleash your creativity and amaze your friends with your artistic renditions.

4.  Sketch Guru

This app is truly for the artistic souls who curse their lack of inclination towards drawing and sketching but always hoping they could have done it. This app allows you to turn your photographs into black and white as well as colorful sketches. Play around with effects like Pencil Sketch, Simple Sketch, Blackboard Color, Comic etc. and go berserk with the end result that will transform your photos into true masterpieces.

Let this app bring out the Picasso and Van Gogh in you and share your creations on Facebook and Instagram and let your friends bask in the radiance of your art.

Let your camera do a lot more than just take photos. Transform it using these useful apps that let you edit photos and give it the desired, professional end results you’ve always wanted.

Written by Deepanshu Gahlaut
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  1. Thanks for shared photo editing tools because i thinks a apps can change your camera’s image quality. basically i use PicsArt Photo Studio its really grate.

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