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Beginner’s Guide to Quality Link Prospecting

Doing link prospecting is one of the most critical aspects of the entire link acquisition process. Sure, prospecting is a necessary skill...

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Beginners Guide to Quality Link Prospecting

Doing link prospecting is one of the most critical aspects of the entire link acquisition process. Sure, prospecting is a necessary skill for an SEO campaign as it serves as the groundwork of the entire linking operation. When started with a meagrely researched outline of prospects, your campaign will surely miss the mark and fail, no matter how the communication is on point.

A number of specialists find link prospecting to be one of the most challenging and time-consuming aspects of link building. In maintaining an organic link profile for your blog or your website, the prospecting activity must be able to cover a wide range of opportunities and trigger various approaches to generate right targets and leads for the benefit of your entire project.

Prospecting is usually pretty laid-back to begin off with — you just got to run few Google hunting and searches to have a set of content-rich websites related to your target industry. But when you’ve gone through this preliminary list, this is when you realize the true challenge you’re confronted with.

Below is a list of various search tactics in creating a strategic list of link opportunities that you can use for later link acquisition.

Guest Posting Sites

Know that you can showcase your brand’s expertise by regularly contributing posts to other related blogs. This will help you drive better traffic to your site. When using this method, the most common approach initiated in finding prospects for guest posting is by putting in terms ‘guest post’ and ‘write for us’ to the search query. Look at the sample below for the keyword: ‘gluten-free food’.

Guest Posting

Industry/Niche Blogs

If the majority of your efforts gyrate around constructing relationships with bloggers, then finding for some topical blog could be the finest search method you can exhaust. You may simply do a Google search for niches that are indirectly associated with your brand, yet have a community of bloggers who may have the interest of linking to your page.

In this method, you must be able to figure out the point of relevance between your brand and those niches. Specifically, when you have to do the outreach, you must ensure that they will be interested in what you can offer them (blog owners). This will make you get a little more confident that they will make a response to your pitch.

Keyword Research

One of the greatest ways in obtaining quality link prospects is to get familiar with the undercurrents of your target market. Make sure you have an explicit idea of what your target audience is really seeking online.

For instance, if you are in a ‘gluten- free food industry’, you might have to consider various industry phrases that will identify your market, like ‘gluten-free fruits’, ‘delicious gluten-free recipe’ or a more complex, ‘how to deal with celiac disease’. As you may notice, these are the common phrases people are often searching online in finding content that concern about gluten-free food products.

Market Centered Keywords

Customer-Defining Keywords

Most consumers when looking for any products or services are commonly utilizing terms/phrases that tend to describe a target audience or the fellow members of the industry. So pointing your link search going towards what consumers are trying to define the members of their group will aid you in discovering instant highly qualified prospects.

Example, if your blog is about singing, you may use audience terms like caroler (or caroller), songster, vocalist, vocalizer. Adding more customer-defined keywords to your sheet can be easily done by going to various online thesaurus dictionaries in searching for some available synonyms of a specific term. Refer to the example given below.

Customer Defining Keywords


It’s important to note that the more specific your search becomes, the easier for you to disregard unimportant pages in the search results and have only those sites that are of excellent quality.

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