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Tips to Boost Up Your Productivity At Work By Taking Reasonable Downtime

Time is running. No doubt! But are we keeping the same pace? Someone is busy with his/her 9 to 5 office routine, someone is...

Written by Deepanshu Gahlaut · 2 min read >

Time is running. No doubt! But are we keeping the same pace?

Someone is busy with his/her 9 to 5 office routine, someone is spending time with his friends and family, some are spending time on social media by making and chatting with friends and some are busy in following his/her passion be it of running a Startup or clicking the pictures of animals with his camera.

There is so much to do. But, we are all human and we feel stressed and exhausted.

Let’s consider the corporate scenario.

When we think of a corporate job, our mind pictures of a desk, decorated with sticky notes, and a usual routine of hectic office life packed with a lot of work. Sitting on a desk, staring at the screen, typing on keyboard whole day make you bored and uninspired.

So how to escape from this negative energy and make the work life happier and more productive?

The Key Formula: Take Breaks

Whatever you do, taking frequent breaks is good for your health, productivity, creativity, and focus. We always need the creative and continuous positive energy throughout the day to control our behavior, action and focus on work.

According to the study published by time-tracking and productivity app DeskTime, the Draugiem Group, the most productive employees didn’t work 8 hours a day and they took 17 minutes break of every 52 minutes of work.

Note that these seventeen minutes of downtime were spent completely away from their office desk computer while chatting with a co-worker, eating food, listening to music or doing some relaxing and fun activities.

The study also emphasis on how businesses can change their working policy to make sure that their employees are always productive with their action and behavior.

Time to Work Smarter Not Harder

Below is a list of key things that you can follow to help you make sure that you take enough break in your daily office routine.

  1. Set up a daily calendar of what you are going to do and where your time will spend, where you have the opportunity to take the break. This will also give you the opportunity to identify important tasks and prioritize accordingly.
  2. Set a realistic timing for each and every task to remind you when to go for a break be it 2 minutes, 5 minutes or 17 minutes and when to get back to the work.
  3. Identify the tasks that can become a regular habit. For example, having a clean and well-organized desk where all the files, papers and mug are placed orderly and in the right place can be a regular and good work habit to develop. Besides these make sure to batch related tasks together, for example, writing an email or business letters.
  4. Follow Rule of 52 and 17, according to which the productive people work for 52 minutes at a time, then break for 17 minutes before getting back to it, where this break may include following depending on the choice, situation, and interest of one’s.
  • Take a walk, which can increase blood flow and boost creative thinking.
  • Eat healthy food such as salad, fruits, juices and dry fruits to get energy and refreshment.
  • Read your favorite book such as inspiring story, newspaper, fiction, nonfiction to keep you motivated.
  • Get a coffee which reduces the sleep-deprived stress and help you get social.
  • Listen to music to improve your mood, makes you calm, focused and remove distractions.
  • Take a nap to make you remove stress and take a mental health break.
  • Do some exercise to remove stress, be flexible and energetic at work.
  • Talk to friends or coworkers to release feel-good hormones that help you learn, socially interact and promote the feeling of trust and collaboration.
  • Go outside and feel the nature to make yourself alive and improve you mental and physical health.
  • Exercise your eyes to reduce eye strain, tension and the need for glasses and contacts.

While there may be many other ways to relax you at work and improve your productivity, but these all needs a commitment and I’m sure that the results will definitely surprise you.

So, what’s your break schedule and how do you use the downtime? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

Thanks for reading.

Written by Deepanshu Gahlaut
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