How to Create Perfect Email Campaigns for Customers

If statistics are to be believed, email marketing campaigns can boost a brand’s ROI by up to 4400%. This is no joke...

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If statistics are to be believed, email marketing campaigns can boost a brand’s ROI by up to 4400%. This is no joke and only goes to show that even though this marketing strategy is available to everyone, it can do wonders for business prospects – if it’s done the proper way.

This begs the question of what, exactly, is the “proper way.” Many have tried to brainstorm the topic only to come to the simplest and most logical conclusions of all – there is no universal formula that will help a brand achieve success overnight.

It is also important to underline that email marketing campaigns cannot do much for a brand if they are not backed up but a perfect website and social media campaigns. Everyone turns to Google to find out more about a new brand.

If your website isn’t represented, then no email marketing campaign, no matter how stellar, will help you attract customers.

Other technicalities should also be observed les,t your email campaigns fail due to bureaucratic errors. One notable insight is that the majority of emails are being accessed on mobile devices, which means that both emails you send and your website need to be properly optimized.

On top of the word count, this also means bandwidth needs to be observed. No image-heavy emails and no endless loading times, to name a few factors.

Google Rules Supreme

Every form of internet marketing is closely linked to Google. The giant makes rules and changes them as it befits it. Therefore, what’s recommended today may not be the best of practices tomorrow, so keeping informed about changes in Google policies is an absolute must.

The same goes for your website. It needs to continually stay on top of Google search results, which means that it must be optimized properly, SEO-friendly, and original.

Because email marketing is also a way of increasing a brand’s online visibility, your campaigns should include only relevant links to target pages. But that’s just the beginning.

Email marketing is a continual effort with two goals: creating a base of loyal customers and attracting new ones.

Email Marketing Strategy Rules

Everything considered, it is necessary to define a strategy before sending even a single email. For marketing campaigns to achieve desired results, plenty of work and adjustments are called for. Keeping track of the audiences and insights is only one of the prerequisites for success.

Certainly, keeping a calendar is a great idea, because there are numerous factors to keep in mind at all times. Write down all the parameters, from the beginning. In retrospect, the first three steps to perform would be:

1.      Creating a calendar

2.      Defining an audience (or multiple audiences)

3.      Coming up with a mailing list

When it comes to mailing lists, not just any list will do. Sending emails at random is a huge no-go. Instead, collect subscribers’ email addresses and the list updated. It is also a good idea to offer giveaways or bonuses in exchange for people’s email address. The prize doesn’t have to be a jackpot – a free ebook or a coupon will do the trick.

Never buy lists! Use only the email addresses of people who have willingly shared them with you.

Segmentation and Targeting

We’re sure you’ve heard this sentence many times already, but that doesn’t make it any less true: only targeted and segmented email campaigns can become successful. It is also crucial to remain loyal to your business promise and be consistent in communication.

As regards to segmentation, make an effort to get additional information about the audience. Use insights by all means, but there are also other means to get access to additional information.

For example, you can ask people to participate in queries. It is also recommended to openly ask for feedback. However, mind your manners! Never ask private questions as they’re never welcome.  


Successful communication can make or break a business – we suppose every marketer knows that. The good news is that communication has never been easier than these days, given the rise of online tools and apps devised specifically to that end.  

Since there is no eye-to-eye contact, email marketing must use different methods to show the customers that they matter. Personalization is a good start: addressing people by their names, asking them for feedback and encouraging communication by always providing contact info.

The more you get to know about your customer base, the more personalized your email marketing campaigns can (and should) be. You can:

  1. Fine-tune your campaigns by showcasing personalized offers based on previous purchases
  2. Send VIP offers to loyal customers
  3. Provide special promotions for customers bringing in new customers

These are only some of the ideas, of course. Coming up with your own special offers is, after all, what will make your brand stand out from the competition.


There’s more to email marketing than meets the eye. It is a continual effort to communicate, attract new customers and keep old ones, remain evergreen and competitive. Use multiple platforms to advertise your offer – notably social media, to help your brand increase its online visibility early on.

Since everything is connected (as explained above), it is crucial to strategize on multiple fields simultaneously. Email marketing is the first (some also claim – crucial) step towards a healthy, long-lasting relationship with your customers.

Written by Deepanshu Gahlaut
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