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Five Ways to Make the Best of Facebook Marketing

Are you looking to build the loyal audience to your Facebook page? Is your current Facebook marketing strategy working properly? If you...

Written by Deepanshu Gahlaut · 1 min read >
Five Ways to Make the Best of Facebook Marketing

Are you looking to build the loyal audience to your Facebook page? Is your current Facebook marketing strategy working properly?

If you don’t have a strategy or your current strategy is not delivering the goals, then you don’t have a return on your marketing efforts. Below, are simple and easy Facebook marketing tips, which can help you achieve determined goals and build high and loyal fan base:

1. Fill Out the Page Completely

Make sure that you are utilizing Facebook to its full potential and around your brand. Your business page should have about, contact address and photographs that clients or your fans can accumulate conveniently.

Make use of attractive and meaningful page profile and cover photo. Make sure to have a call to action on the page, it may sign up, contact page, download app or subscribe button. This will help you generate new leads and capture the most of the page visits.

Facebook page all details - The Next Web

2. Post Interesting Content and Avoid Over-Posting

Post what your audience like. If you are an owner of a business that manufactures iPhone cases, it does not fit well to post something that has no connection to these items, if and only if your fan base only likes posts related to iPhone. Don’t forget to post images and videos as well. Also, avoid over posting.

Numerous brands post once a day, and some more than one a day. However, it is ideal to post at least two times per day to keep your fan base updated and engaging.
Interesting Facebook post - Dell

3. Do not Concentrate too much on the ‘Likes’

Likes are imperative. The more likes you have, the more individuals your message is coming to. Yet, ‘likes’ are simply step one. Step two is to affirm that you are able to deliver content to your target crowd and keep them interested.

In the event that they remark “like” and share your content, then they essentially function as brand advocates who are channeling and amplifying your content to their network. This kind of marketing on Facebook is very useful.

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4. Do not Use a Lot of Text in Post

Studies demonstrate that posts with 80 characters or less receive 66% higher engagement – more likes, comments, and shares than ones with more than 80 characters. This approach is similar to that on Twitter – keep your content concise.

5. Do not Overlook Insights:

Facebook insights offer a great deal of helpful data. It would be senseless to not explore this information. Here is what you can gather from Facebook insights data:

  • Audience stats – age, gender and geographic data
  • Total interaction and interaction per post
  • Total likes and dislikes
  • Post reach, engagement and much more.

Facebook page Insights overview

These are all essential approach to generate a fan base and spread the word about your business. In any case, a fruitful approach doesn’t need to be an impact on your time or your wallet. A couple of minutes a day and a vital arrangement can have a tremendous effect on your image.

Do you have a Facebook page for your business? What is your Facebook marketing strategy? How are you using it to your advantage? Please share in comments.

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