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Note: This is a guest post by AdNabu. The author’s views are entirely his own and may not reflect the views of Deepanshu...

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Note: This is a guest post by AdNabu. The author’s views are entirely his own and may not reflect the views of Deepanshu Gahlaut’s Blog.

What are Shopify Apps?

Shopify applications play an integral role in the Shopify platform. These apps are required for offering seamless services to online users. The apps are useful in building and improving the overall process of your eCommerce store. 

Indeed, the apps help in introducing a variety of features to your site. As a result, you don’t have to worry about how functional your site can get. When you want an eCommerce site that can satisfy unique business problems, Shopify is your go-to option. Hundreds of websites are designed using this tool. And, there are plenty of Shopify apps to choose from.

No matter how big or small your business is, Shopify apps are truly powerful in driving more traffic towards your site. In the long run, your business processes will change drastically. For instance, you can choose to offer customized services to all your clients.

Benefits of Shopify Apps

Here are a few notable benefits of using the Shopify apps:

  1. When compared to many other platforms in the industry, Shopify apps are great in accessing data from your eCommerce website.
  2. If you are the administrator, you can do a variety of tasks from the Shopify app.
  3. The entire application is designed in a strategic manner. It captures information about each and every purchase made using the site. This means you don’t need to worry about site analytics any longer. With the data you have captured, the process of building personalized ads becomes easier.
  4. The websites designed using Shopify can be used to perform a range of operations. Whether it is a smartphone or a desktop computer – the platform offers a stunning user experience.
  5. It is very easy to integrate your Shopify app with social media networking sites too. This allows customers and businesses to share personal thoughts effortlessly.

Top 10 Shopify Apps

1. Sales Pop Master 

The ultimate aim of the Sales Pop Master is to increase the trust customers have in your site. This application helps in driving more traffic to your store. It handles problems like low conversion rates effortlessly. Three crucial components of this application are Sales pop-ups, countdown timers, and coupon code wheel.  

The countdown timer is one of its key selling features. The moment a product with stunning deals and discounts are added to the cart, a timer begins. This creates a sense of urgency. Likewise, the countdown stock metric gives details about the available stock. Once again, it creates an impression of scarcity. 

The application comes with a three-day free trial. And, you can purchase the app for 4.99 USD per month.

2. Easy Google Shopping Feed

As suggested by its name, this application is all about creating a quick Google Shopping Feed and advertisements. This app from AdNabu captures real-time information from the Shopify store. Anything you choose to update at the store will reflect on the ad.  

Key features of the application are: 

  1. The application ranks every product in the eCommerce store. 
  2. It helps users with recommended categories. This increases the chances of you driving more traffic towards your site. 
  3. Integrates seamlessly with Google Merchant Center and Google Shopping. 
  4. The use of this application is not limited by location. It can be used around the world, and by any business with an eCommerce store. 

The application is free for stores with a single product. Then, you need to pay 9.99 USD for the first 1000 products. And, a dollar for every product after 1000.

 3. Reamaze Live Chat Helpdesk+Bot

This is recognized as one of the finest help desks in the market. It helps businesses with unbeatable merchant support. Reamaze is a live chat, FAQ,  chatbot, and a helpdesk for eCommerce stores that are designed using Shopify.

In addition, to live communication with customers, you can use this application for handling social media posts too. 

Absolutely stunning features of this app are:

  1. You can increase your overall AOV. And, the percentage of cart abandonment can be cut down by drastic amounts.
  2. Automation using Reamaze helps in improving customer retention and loyalty.
  3. Data can be viewed instantly using the app. You will be able to update, cancel, refund, and process orders on the go.

The basic package is offered at 20 USD per month. The pro package comes at 40 USD per month. The plus package is offered at 60 USD per month. And, the enterprise edition costs 500 USD per month.

4.  Google Customer Reviews

This is another product from AdNabu. The application is designed to position JavaScript code for Google Customer Reviews automatically in the Review Badges. Also, it captures reviews and ratings from the Shopify store. The actual position of the reviews and badges can be modified easily.

Features of this app are:

  1. You can integrate it easily with the Merchant Center.
  2. The application doesn’t need any manual change or coding effort. It goes live immediately.
  3. Collects reviews from actual users.

The basic plan is absolutely free to install. The advanced package comes at 9.99 USD per month.

5. Loox

Images play an important role in marketing. Most customers look at photographs and reviews before making a decision. This is why an application like Loox will be useful in capturing photo reviews. This acts as a simple way of integrating social proof into your eCommerce store.

Features of Loox are:

  1. The entire app gets set up with just a click of a button.
  2. You can import pictures and reviews from anywhere.
  3. The app works well with mobile, desktop, and any theme.
  4. Supports inline SEO
  5. Has in-built rating widgets.

The basic plan is offered at 9.99 USD per month. The advanced plan comes at 29.99 USD per month. The enterprise edition costs 99.99 USD per month.

6. Privy

Privy is used by both big and small eCommerce stores. The goal of this app is to boost website conversion and drive more organic traffic for improved sales. This application is a collection of email-marketing, conversion, and SMS tools.

It helps businesses design websites that have email pop-ups, flyouts, embedded forms, announcement banners, spin wheel, and coupons. The tool also helps in executing A/B split tests that can be used to identify the impact changes have on conversion rates.

Features of Privy are:

  1. Ability to offer real-time reporting.
  2. Freedom to engage in high converting campaigns.
  3. Engage in email marketing. Send abandoned cart emails, follow up emails, and newsletters.

There is a free plan for up to 5000 average monthly views. The Growth plan comes at 20 USD per month. The Privy email package is 10 USD per month. And, the Privy text package is 10 USD per month.

7. Free Shipping Bar

In this competitive era, customers are always behind eCommerce stores with free shipping. More than 80 percent of online users avoid sites that charge shipping. This Shopify application helps in showcasing the store’s “Free shipping” option. It generates customizable bars and slide outs with the free shipping offer. It also generates progressive messages that appear whenever customers choose to add more products into their carts.

Crucial features of this application are:

  1. You will be able to boost sales and cart value by promoting free shipping.
  2. The app supports advanced targeting, based on country, device, and time.
  3. You can display curated themes based on mood and holiday.

The basic plan is offered for free. And, the premium plan costs 9.99 USD per month.

8. Klaviyo

Controlling customer experience is important in any eCommerce store. With more and more customers aiming for a personalized experience, apps like Klaviyo are important. This Shopify app is all about handling your marketing channels, ranging from SMS to email to web to in-app notifications.

Key features of Klaviyo are:

  1. You can showcase rewards programs and free shipping offers without any hassles. The app integrates seamlessly with Smile, ShipStation, and Facebook.
  2. Designing personalized and dynamic forms becomes effortless. The tool has a free Form builder.
  3. You can design customized client profiles based on previous buys, behavior, and preferences.

For up to 250 email contacts, this application is absolutely free.

9. SEO Booster – SEO Marketing

SEO Booster – SEO Marketing is a one-size solution for your never-ending, and complicated search engine optimization requirements. If you want to top Google ranks, you need to invest in this Shopify Application.

The application was started for companies that had very little or no exposure to SEO. Today, this app comprises SEO facilities that can handle any eCommerce store. Even stores with 1000+ products can be managed using this Shopify application.

Features of this app are:

  1. Auto management of all your images, ALT text, and links.
  2. Ability to structure data, and ensure that it is search engine friendly.
  3. Offers accurate details about your SEO score and traffic.
  4. Optimize your site’s keywords.

The application offers a free plan. And, you have a Growth plan for 18.99 USD per month.

10. EU Cookie Bar GDPR

The EU Cookie Bar is a simple cookie bar that is shown to customers. The banner has details about the cookies used by the eCommerce store. The moment customers agree to the terms and conditions; the banner will disappear. This banner falls in line with the EU Cookie laws.

Crucial features of this app are:

  1. Ability to customize the cookie consent bar
  2. Ability to incorporate a responsive banner in your store.
  3. The content can be customized easily
  4. The app gets installed with a single click

This application is absolutely free!


On the whole, building an eCommerce store is no longer a challenge. Sites like Shopify will handle much of the job for you. But, you need to ensure that the right collection of Shopify apps are integrated into your site. This way, you can introduce endless functionalities into your eCommerce store.

When you choose a Shopify App, make sure that it is driving more traffic, increases the user-friendly nature of the site, and promises better revenue. Some of the market’s finest apps are discussed above. Try using them in your eCommerce store for a better online experience. 

Guest Post by AdNabu

AdNabu helps improve sales in Google Ads for eCommerce companies. If you are running the search, shopping, or display campaigns in Google Ads, Their software will be able to increase your sales.

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