What Every SEO Needs to Understand About Domain Authority

A wrong myth about Domain authority: what every SEO needs to understand about Domain Authority? A site’s authority is not judged only...

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A wrong myth about Domain authority: what every SEO needs to understand about Domain Authority?

A site’s authority is not judged only by third-party SEO metrics and we should not mess up the confusion as this being an actual Google’s metric.

Well, we could have written about the top SEO tools that are important for the SEO consultants and agencies, but more importantly, people are misguided about the domain authority being an actual Google metric. 

No doubt there are times when we have to look for the domain authority of a website, and we are thankful to the third parties who have made it easy for us to check the Domain authority on the basis of few metrics.

Moz is a provider of Domain authority, but they clearly state that “domain authority is not a metric used by Google in determining search rankings and has no effect on the SERPs”.

So make it very clear that Google doesn’t rank a website on a single metric known as Domain authority.

Yes, these metrics are somehow looked up to rank a website but there are many other things involved in it, thus we need to make our grip stronger on other factors as well.

How do third-party metrics determine our website’s domain ranking?

When our goal is to achieve a good domain authority score, we should know how to get higher scores, below given are the few known signals that can help us to improve our score:

  • SEO Friendliness
  • Social signals
  • Linking root domains
  • Quality content

The back end of domain authority

Now as we know what are the few factors that are involved in Domain Authority? Now is the time to put the effort into improving our current Domain Authority score.

As high as we go, the difficulty level increases. For an instance, if our website domain authority score is 25 it’s easier to go for 35 but if our website score is 75 it’s challenging to go for 85.

Now let’s check out the ways to increase our website domain authority

Create linkable content

Creating linkable content is one of the vital parts of improving domain authority. But for that, we need to create great content that people would love to share.

Few tips on how to create high quality, linkable content.

First of all finding keywords according to the niche and industry will allow others interested, to follow and share our content. As a result, we can gain high traffic by getting in return links from the industry authorities.

Secondly, we should produce excellent valuable content very frequently, because more content means, we are creating more opportunities for authoritative sites to link with our content.  

Use internal linking

Most people focus on getting external links which is a good practice, internal linking also plays a key role in helping improve the domain authority.

To keep our audience engaged and spend more time on our website we need to create internal links, from one article to other articles, it pulls the user to read or check our other pages as well.

On the other hand, it also makes it easier for the search engines to index our web pages, as a result, we can get more exposure on SERPs.

Tune Your website Mobile-friendly

With the growing numbers of mobile users spending time on the internet, it’s a serious mistake ignoring the fact, that we should tune our website more mobile-friendly.

Creating a responsive design will allow the users to easily find read and share our content, thus improving our website’s domain authority score.

Browsing a website is a different experience on mobile than on desktop, people are looking for a call action buttons (CTA) after the thumbnails or in the articles.

So by adding elements like hamburger menus and CTA buttons we can make our website mobile friendly and a good user experience.

For example- if we are providing valuable content on branded handbags, we should add CTA buttons such as shop now, or a special discount if the user would like to buy it now.

Remove Bad Links

To grow our website’s credibility or authority we have to receive different types of links to our page.

Well, different links mean some might be good while others can hurt our website domain authority, so we need to filter out links before we receive it.

The best way is to use a backlink checker tool, such as Ahrefs, Majestic SEO, etc.

These tools can help us to filter out easily any bad backlink as it opens up all the information related to the backlink.

If we already have several bad links on our webpages, through this tool we can contact the concerning person of the link and ask them to remove the link to our site.

As a result, by removing bad and broken links we can improve our credibility, thus improve our website domain authority score.

Follow the SEO best practices and monitor the results

Following SEO best practices will gradually help us improve our website domain authority score, as well as improve rankings in SERPs.

Every element plays a vital role in our SEO ranking, along with improving domain authority score.

Finally after implementing all of these steps, monitor the domain score through a DA PA checker to see the results.


Domain authority is not a direct influencer in SEO rankings, but it still works as a predictor for how will we rank in search results.

For many Domain authority scores is still the justification factor while receiving or sending backlink, but for others, it’s just a role player, not the only factor to rely on.

It’s better to look at the backend of the picture to get a wider angle to understand the whole scenario behind the metric and domain score.

Written by Deepanshu Gahlaut
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  1. Domain authority (DA) is a crucial part of SEO. And needs to understand domain authority. Because when we would be increased the DA, then searching traffic could be improved, And through SEO, we can increase the DA of our websites and blog. So it’s vital for us.

  2. Thanks, Deepanshu ji for this useful tips. I can starting a community website at . The purpose of this website is to promote sindhi culture , food etc. Currently I am focusing on social traffic through facebook groups and Organic seo traffic. Can you give some advice to rank this type of websites?

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