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[Guest Post] 3 Sneaky Ways To Boost Your Brand Awareness Campaigns

Establishing a feasible brand awareness must be one, if not, your major goal when you set out to manage social media and...

Written by Deepanshu Gahlaut · 2 min read >
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Establishing a feasible brand awareness must be one, if not, your major goal when you set out to manage social media and create profiles for your company. Right?

Now the next question would be what your primary objective for conjuring campaigns? What do you want from the users? Well, the answer to these questions are simple: It is to create effective campaigns that can earn the trust of users and build brand awareness that will eventually lead to growing sales.

Drive loyalty and increase brand awareness with the help of effective strategies below that most business experts recommend.

1. Express Your Brand Image Through Videos

The best way to make sure that creative videos work is to build them with relevant contents according to your brand. If you lack the resources to start on video assets, editing, cutting, and revamping long-form video advertisements can be an efficient and fast way to create videos that appeal to potential customers.

For example, the brand World Surf League use fast-moving video advertorials that seize the essence of the sports to increase awareness of its brand message. Its unpredictability is innate.

The brand use close-ups and surfing shots of athletes to grab the attention of viewers. They even cut a 30-second version out of their original 90-second video for international campaigns to increase their effectiveness on Facebook.

Fabricate a video that reflects the story of your brand to help raise brand awareness and value for your business to potential customers.

2. Stand Out Using Bold Creations

A German shoe company, Zign, run advertisement counter to today’s slacker and sneaker culture to stand out in the crowd and not flounder in the sea of competition. The brand’s successful Facebook video ad rendered an unforgettable brand message that comes with creative, daring, and cool video.

Your video ad content should include the following:

  • Identity: It should relate to your brand awareness and should mirror the image of your product or service. Look if the logo and color of your business are correctly displayed.
  • Reward: Reward your audience or viewers with an offer code, promotion, deals, whitepaper or industry guide.
  • Tone: Your content should maintain the same tone in the entire aesthetics of your Facebook page or business.
  • Action: Your contents should motivate action. A correct and clear call to action is best.

Make your brand a cut above the rest, don’t be afraid to experiment and capture the attention of your customer with a unique and bold message.

3. Use Slideshows To Showcase Multiple Products

Sparkle in Pink, a brand that sells fashionable clothing for children, knew that advertisements perform best when promoting new products. They made slideshows with photos of their new product arrivals and directs them on their homepage. They also played with slideshow settings like image ratio and duration to determine which choice is more efficient.

Make a slideshow that showcases interesting and attractive products and services that your business offers to draw the attention of your potential clients.


Brands should always set the quest to find innovative ways to please the consumer base and reach new niche in many ways possible. Facebook is one of those possibilities. Because consumers nowadays are smarter and more inclined to technology, especially the millennials, you need to go with the flow.

Don’t resist and toil harder. Use everything at your disposal to achieve that highly coveted “most trusted brand” label. Take advantage of social media, in this case, Facebook, and give what consumers want. Make or break, it’s all up to you.

This article is written by Iman Bahrani’s Chief Executive Officer of Search Engine Optimization Sydney, an arm of

Written by Deepanshu Gahlaut
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