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4 Reasons Why E-commerce Businesses Fail To Gain Popularity

Starting an e-commerce business or store can be easy and straightforward. But, in today’s digital world, managing and establishing predominance in the...

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ecommerce fail to gain popularity

Starting an e-commerce business or store can be easy and straightforward. But, in today’s digital world, managing and establishing predominance in the digital market is a difficult task and imbued with unconceived hindrances and unprecedented challenges.

Every e-commerce store requires an efficiently coordinated management system, a strong digital marketing, highly secured technical features, and factors corresponding to online security and punctuality of delivery.

Here are some rational reasons why some e-commerce stores fail to be successful.

1. Not Using Digital Marketing and SEO

Going easy on Digital Marketing is one of the major e-commerce drawbacks. Not using digital marketing techniques, such as – SEO, SMO, Content, Email Marketing, etc., would hinder your website and business’ visibility.

The search giant, Google, unlike others, is very strict to the websites that do not follow the rules and regulations conceded by Google’s Quality Guidelines, be it be an e-commerce site or any other professional website. It would crash in terms of visibility.

Disregarding SMO (Social Media Optimization) is another thing what many e-commerce store owners do. The problem is not in social media but many people do not know the best way to leverage social media sites, like – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc., to reach potential online audiences.

2. Poor Customer Service

Customer Service is another crucial reason behind a successful e-commerce store. It requires effectiveness with management and coordination with the customer orders and delivery of products. Periodic late in delivery of products causes loss of relevancy and authenticity of the e-commerce store.

Even failure to provide quality materials often tarnishes the name and reputation of the company.

3. Not Using Social Media

Choice of social media can be the perfect place for gaining promotion in with right audience, as a large number of people from different cultures, nations, ages, and professions gather in different social media sites to exchange experiences and communicate with friends and acquaintances, and thus making it a thriving place to promote products for the better business network.

Obfuscating content writing on the wrong platform is another thing that hinders the success rate of e-commerce stores. Writing content does not require explosive words or huge stock of vocabulary, especially on social media, but it certainly needs an appealing flow of words that would touch the mind and heart, therefore making interest in reading the content.

For example, a contest must convey details regarding the product and other relevant matters in an interactive manner to create the sense of relevancy and authenticity among online traffic.

4. Not Doing Proper Competitor Research

Competition created by big and popular e-commerce companies is a challenging hindrance for the new e-commerce stores and websites. It usually takes the time to earn popularity no matter how much SEO technique one shall implement.

Furthermore, big e-commerce companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Ebay etc., already gives huge discounts, which means they make a big competitive difference in order to make more customers through which they might sell products later and earn huge.

However, newly opened companies can experience loss while offering huge discounts, and strive to make money by selling to those customers in the future. Tough competition from big companies also causes frustration and demotivation among the entrepreneurs, for many of them finds it uneasy to go through the process and gives up eventually.

The market of e-commerce business is a promising one, however, the management involved, technology to be leveraged, and the digital marketing strategy to be used makes it complicated for the new e-commerce business. Besides, the competition faced by big online stores makes the future’s sun covered with clouds.

Any entrepreneurs eager to start an e-commerce business must check all the pros and cons, and take all relevant steps to block all cons and harness the pros to make a better network of customers, and thereby earn immense revenue and recognition. Effective skills and determination play an important role in lifting an e-commerce business from earth to sky.

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Written by Deepanshu Gahlaut
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  1. Now i’m doing for SEO in one E-commerce site. It’s very difficult to manage E-commerce site, because of e-commerce site lager one compare other sites. To properly use on SEO, SMO techniques and then content is very important. Some ideas to get here to work with my project. On this method is good ways to get popularity.

  2. Hi Shilpa,
    If you add some more point about Local Audience targeting, Analytics and CRO it will more helpful for them,

    Consider my request and kindly rewrite this post with some real-time Analytics and CRO tips,

    Right now google analytics has enhanced eCommerce report to track everything so that they can get more data,

    If they know about CRO they can convert more visitors,

    And i forget about one thing that is “Re-targeting” a main important factor which provides more revisits,

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