5 Ways to Make Customers Happy on Social Media

Social media is making a powerful impact on the business world and there’s no one denying it. It has the power to make or break a brand and it has been the key to innovation in many companies that have been around for a while but still manage to be on top.

But what is it with social media that gets their viewers hooked? Does social media marketing have a secret formula for success?

Yes, there is a recipe behind making your customers happy and will keep them coming back for more interesting content and information. Social media marketing might look like a walk in the park for some, but there is actually a lot more complexity to it. Here, we’ve simplified it for you so that you can apply it to your business and reap the benefits (you can thank us later :)).

1. Brighten up Your Audience’s Mood

First things first, lighten it up a bit. What we mean is that a good portion of social media users want to be happy when you post something, or if it’s bad news, give a little twist of humor to lighten up the mood. A happy brand makes for happy customers, so don’t make them think too hard about your blog post because it’s likely they’ll feel frustrated and give up.

2. Creatively Emphasize your Point

The next thing to remember is repetition. Studies suggest that the more a person sees something, the more likely for them to think it’s true. But what we don’t advise you to do is repeat one thing over and over; customers or even potential ones can find it annoying. Try making different and unique versions of one idea and post it on social media. It’ll ensure that you keep your product running but still make it look fresh.

Try making different and unique versions of one idea and post it on social media. It’ll ensure that you keep your product running but still make it look fresh.

3. Connect to Your Audience

Another ingredient to make customers happy on social is connecting and engaging with the audience. You have to actively care about their needs and connect to them in some way. If they have a question, answer it as soon as possible. If they say something, respond to them using their name. It’ll make your brand likable and approachable.

4. Listen and Pay Attention to Your Customers’ Feedback

One other thing that you need to do is to listen carefully rather than just responding. The more you listen to customers, the more likely for you to gauge what you can do better with your product. The idea is to find the conversations on the social media from your mentions or website URLs.

Sometimes you may find something negative, but make sure to provide an appropriate reply and make a positive impression on those talking about your business or brand.

5. Stir up People’s Emotion

Ingredient number five: emotion. So this concept has been used time and time again, but how much is too much? Lately we’ve been seeing a lot of videos that not only tug at your heartstrings but actually feel like we’re psychopaths with no capability of loving if we don’t buy into their product. Yes, we admit that this does work but try to put some inspiration into the story.

It goes back to that bit of emotional happiness that the viewer feels which will keep them coming back for more.

Well, these are the few ingredients to more likes, views, and thumbs up on your business’ social media transformation. Don’t be hesitant to open up your business to the power of social media marketing because it could really do wonders if you play your cards right.

Take the leap of faith and follow these steps to ensure your business can connect with people from all around the world.

What are your thoughts about this? Have you something to add this recipe? Please share in comments.

Image Credit: Hongkiat

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