Why Google AdWords Is Still Worth Investing in?

These days, hardly any business is going to succeed without a proper presence on the internet. Social media campaigns, influencers, Reddit, and...

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These days, hardly any business is going to succeed without a proper presence on the internet. Social media campaigns, influencers, Reddit, and anything else that they can get hold of to help them reach a bigger audience.

Among all these methods there is one worth mentioning, mostly because it goes under the radar for a lot of entrepreneurs. 

Google AdWords had a big impact on digital marketing but was slowly replaced by what many think to be more efficient techniques. These days, most businesses do not even consider it as the go-to method, but they should.

There are plenty of benefits that AdWords can offer to both established and brand-new businesses. If you have not had any chance to try it for yourself, you should change your mind after reading this article.

Starting Is Free

You can get a free Google Ads promo code and get started without paying anything at first. Of course, you will need to spend money in the future, but that should not be a problem because it will end up as an investment with great returns. 

Understanding Online Marketing

If you are eager to stick with digital marketing in the future and work with it, you have probably read plenty of books and articles to deepen your knowledge. There is an abundance of those. However, it is one thing to read about it and quite another to experience everything first-hand.

Any depth in this subject you can is bound to be beneficial in the future, and the perspective you get with Google AdWords certainly broadens your horizons.

Quicker Than SEO

Some businesses rely on momentum more than anything else and can make the most money on in as little as a few weeks.

There is no denying that a career in SEO is popular these days, and the value it brings to any website is obvious. But when you compare search engine optimization to AdWords and how quick you can expect the returns, the latter takes the cake.


It is the good old trial and error if you are going to be the one writing ad copies. The best in the business make thousands of dollars with just a few sentences. 

Becoming a copywriter should not be out of the question if you persist in learning the craft and polishing your ads. And who knows, it could be your profession in the future.

Brand Awareness

You will read plenty of articles about how influencers are the best bet for raising brand awareness. Well, while this may be true, targeting a specific demographic on Google also has a fair amount of advantages.

After all, as long as your ads are relevant and do not build mistrust between average people and your company, you should be perfectly fine. It is those who stick to clickbait and other dirty tricks that shoot themselves in the foot.

Email Marketing

In 2015, Google has introduced native ads for its popular email platform Gmail. Given the number of people who are actively using it, it is not a stretch to say that there are plenty of opportunities.

The ads on Gmail appear on promotional and social tabs. 

Measuring Yourself to Others

Some people like to track their progress to see whether there have been any improvements. Others do so to compare themselves with the competition.

Google Analytics is a free tool and it shows you pretty much any bit of information you might want. 

Another thing worth mentioning is how this is completely different from the old methods of purchasing a time slot on TV or radio for commercials without actually finding out whether it was effective or not.

Remarketing and Retargeting

A good chunk of visitors who come to your website is not going to bother spending any money. They leave after a quick browsing session without any real intent to come back.

Nevertheless, you can get at least a portion of these past visitors to come back to your website. There is a remarketing and retargeting tool that allows you to run ads for these people even if they are not typing relevant keywords or phrases in the search engine.

Since they visited the website before, something certainly caught their eye. Chances of seeing such a person spend money on his or her return are higher. 

In a word, if you happen to be in a very specific niche, chances are that you are missing on quite a lot of potential customers. Starting a campaign is not rocket science, so there really is no reason to wait any longer.

Written by Deepanshu Gahlaut
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