Entering the “Twitter” Land

Entering the “Twitter” Land

Twitter – A very simple, charming, and beautiful word to describe the chirpy nature of humankind. Well, it started from a bird’s dialect of speaking but eventually turned out to be the heart and soul for many NET NEUTRAL people who now, crave for the madness and demand their right to fit in a year’s schedule in 140 words.

Twitter 140 Character Limits

Yes, I struggled at first too. But, later it became the way of living, of energizing the inner hunger to be online and the uncontrollable feeling to earn something from that as well.

Twitter is a social networking site which actually commands us over drastic word limit most of the times (if you use the “longer tweet” option, it might fail to exert its majesty). Anyway, so here is a story that I lay before you to actually tell you the formula of starting up on it. Basically, it is all about building up the beauty of doing something fruitful, other than just posting dog-faced selfies, your daily workout regime or criticizing your body type by admiring your favorite stars’ photographs.

Basically, it is all about building up the beauty of doing something fruitful, other than just posting dog-faced selfies, your daily workout regime or criticizing your body type by admiring your favorite stars’ photographs.

Justin Bieber's latest tweet status

Well, Twitter for me was a haven of celebs who got lost in the middle of it to socialize and publicize amongst their fans and followers. Trust me, at first, I had no idea on what the Blue Tick actually meant. So, you enter Twitter a little idiotic, not knowing what to fit in that “What’s happening” box.

Now, gradually if you are an addict, you get invited to participate in contests and grab a chance to interact with new people and meet them virtually.

What's happening on Twitter

You obviously have no idea what it is all about and everyone in your family gives you a notion that half of the stuff online is fake. Anyway, you let go of the typicality and build up a group of familiar thinkers who too, have got on a quest to discover themselves.

Now, you take part in it and win it, give your details (though thinking twice before you do, because you have already been warned), and then wait for the delectable voucher or prize product to appear at your doorstep, screaming your name. Well, one week goes on, you are now sure not to get it or even thinking about it is a mistake. So, you give up on it.

When it finally arrives, your faith is restored and of course, you wouldn’t miss it for a chance! So, you continue achieving more, getting relentless exposure and you are really very proud of yourself. Now, the question is what’s next?

You have no idea of anything better when suddenly you see a DM (Direct Message) landing up on your TL (TimeLine). I know it gets a little awkward sometimes not understanding what these small terms mean. But, we youngsters can hardly resist.

Direct Message on Twitter

Now, you get a campaigning offer, i.e., marketing a product or a website online and so you accept it. No matter how different or unusual to you it is you set up to explore the visual and see what it can bring it to you. So, you start earning gradually and hope on the track that you have always dreamt of.

And, yes, it is a bit difficult to imagine how swiftly you can tweet away, but, you have the habit and so you succeed.

Now, you want to discover a new pattern of living, at least learning to use the internet as professionals do. You want to start a venture of your own so that you get ahead of others. Yes, it is a competitive world, but what we shouldn’t do is forget the authenticity that you originally arrived from. You should never forget the humble opportunities that you were so inspired by.

Discover on Twitter

In between all these chaotic amazements that you tend to face, you might get a little sad, even find it difficult to acknowledge the fact and take in the expectations from your real and virtual world. That is the balance and the key is to remember that the latter is much more necessary that the second. Because, just due to the arrival of a new gadget, if you forget the ones who actually sacrificed for you, then dear you are unreasonably selfish, which gets reflected in your future works, and is best to avoid.

So, you discover new people who think, speak and fuss like you. They love you dearly but have never met you. You get into a situation where you don’t want to leave them anymore and want to engage with new people.

Hence is the beauty and fantasy of the Twitter world, but mind people, it doesn’t come easy. Live a life you dream of as I did.

And, yes, this story is just about another wandering Alice, who lost herself in a wonderland called Twitter.

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