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5 Must-Have Twitter Tools For Your Business

Note: This is a guest post by Lisa Resnick . The author’s views are entirely her own and may not reflect the views...

Written by Deepanshu Gahlaut · 3 min read >
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Note: This is a guest post by Lisa Resnick . The author’s views are entirely her own and may not reflect the views of Deepanshu Gahlaut’s Blog.

With Twitter being home to 330 million monthly active users, it plays a substantial role for businesses in maximizing their conversion rates.

Other social media giants and other social platforms that are rolling out every day focus on influencing generation Z and Millenials whereas, on the other hand, 63% of Twitter users are of at ages between 35 and 65 years are forming the majority of its user base.

Thus, having this data in mind, businesses should decide whether Twitter is an ideal platform for them to pitch their business. 

67% of B2B businesses use Twitter as a significant digital marketing tool to improve their visibility and to maximize their conversion rates. Here, we have thrown light on some of the Twitter tools that businesses should take advantage of to accelerate their growth on this microblogging platform.  

1. Social Pilot

Social Pilot acts as a pilot to your Twitter account, availing the reach of your account to sky high and maximizes your business profit.

Its in-depth analytics, coupled with comprehensive features to enlarge your visibility on the platform, will avail massive benefit to businesses in fabricating the strategy for their campaigns.

It acts as the one-stop destination for all your Twitter activities as it analyzes and provides precise data on every aspect including engagement, reaches of your hashtags, and data on retweets, mentions, reactions. 

Beyond all, with its in-depth analytical capability, it digs deeper into the performance of your posts and helps you to curate the relevant content for your post, which in turn maximizes the visibility of your brand.

As the content you put to the view of people makes them decide whether they have to choose your brand, this super-powered tool helps you in curating the best content for your brand.  

2. Tweepi

Tweepi should be the go-to tool for everyone willing to maximize their engagement rate with minimal effort.

The AI-powered tool automates content ideation and deriving strategy for your brand. It’s in-built AI feature makes more accurate predictions and curates content accordingly.

As the tool doesn’t ask much of your time in a day and curates content at a rapid pace, choosing this tool will do wonders for your business for sure.  

With consistent growth in user base, spotting potential customers on the platform has become an arduous task for businesses. Tweepi makes this task effortlessly by spotting relevant users for your business and engage with them.

With 2020 being the year of AI, the advancement in this technology will make this AI-driven tool inevitable by marketers.


The vital factor in marketing is spotting potential customers and convince them to buy your product. Thus, maximizing your business profit relies on finding the people whose requirements can be fulfilled by you. simplifies the pivotal factor of finding the right audience with its great analytical skills. It gives you an overview of the account by making in-depth analysis into every activity of the account, including tweets, retweets, hashtags, followers, and following accounts and usage of emojis, etc.

It gives you a simplified report along with its behavioural nature based on which you can choose whether the person is an ideal person to approach. 

Many brands are found to be baffled about whether the people they approached are the right ones. helps you to get rid of all this chaos and gives you a clear view of whether the person should be approached or not.

It is also an effective tool to spot spammers and automated accounts. 

4. Owlead

Owlead stands apart from the crowd of Twitter followers service providers by delivering what it has assured to its customers. Owlead is a leading Twitter followers service provider.

Many businesses that stumbled to spot and drive potential customers had good results after availing Owlead. With Twitter being home to 330 million active users spotting the potential customers has turned into a tedious task for businesses.

Owlead conducts a deep search by scanning the millions of accounts and drive potential customers seamlessly after carrying in-depth analysis and multiple levels of filtration. Thus every follower it drives you could turn into your loyal customer, which in turn maximizes your business profit. 

It refines your followers’ list by checking it periodically and removing the accounts that don’t benefit you. It dives deep and enlists the keywords that match your brand.

Curating content with these keywords can accelerate your followers’ growth at a fast pace. Its dashboard helps you to keep track of your followers’ growth, thereby letting you know how much you have benefitted by availing the tool.

5. Riffle

As conversational marketing will take center stage in the marketing strategy of brands this year, businesses should take advantage of Riffle, which gives you deep insights to carryout an engaging and meaningful interaction with an account.

Businesses are looking for opportunities to build emotional bonding with their target audience. Riffle facilitates this process by providing deep insights regarding making meaningful interactions with the target audience. 

Riffle analyses an account based on multiple aspects, including tweets, retweets, responses, followers, and so on.

It carries out in-depth analysis and predicts the interests, character, and behaviour of an account based on which it gives you a comprehensive report to build a strong bond with the target audience.

It also helps you to learn about your competitors, their tactics, and other data, which benefits you much while framing strategies and outpace them. Thus, brands should make use of Riffle to scale-up their business.    


With the advent of new social platforms making headlines, brands should not discard Twitter in their marketing strategy plans as around 500 million tweets are made every day. 

With engagement and spotting potential customers being the significant factors that can uplift one’s business, brands should leverage the tools that are listed above as they can do wonders and increase conversion rate. 

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