Guest Post: Why You Should Be Using Social Media – Pros and Cons

Well, well! Of course, you are all having a great day with the daily buzz of life “tweeting” away its trends, or you are looking out of the window after happening to glance upon your ex-boyfriend’s, new girlfriend’s WhatsApp status or you might just be sharing a good old quote among the thousands of Facebook fan pages. That is what our life has become lately.

We fuss over our image on Facebook, we think through before we enter the 140 characters, no matter how conceivably difficult it is to fit.

Let’s explore the pros and cons of social media (sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google + etc.) before you start.

Top 10 Social Media Pros

  1. Social media such as Twitter, Google+ provides a great opportunity to create new social connections across the globe.
  2. Social media such as Facebook helps build a better relationship with others.
  3. It provides employment opportunity across the globe. LinkedIn is a great example.
  4. It helps businesses better reach their existing and target audience.
  5. It helps businesses to increase traffic to the website and better ranking in search engines.
  6. Social media is free to use platform where you share your feelings, moments or something that your audience would like. Express yourself!
  7. It helps anyone to address common and important issues such as economic, political, social or environmental.
  8. It helps you build an online presence for yourself or your business so that you can better network with others who have common interests and activities.
  9. It is a great source of keeping yourself updated, what’s happening around you, across the globe and what your friends are doing.
  10. If you are a business then social networking sites are a great way of generating leads, share content, build brand awareness and find new customers.

Top 10 Social Media Cons

  1. It is time-consuming, a lot of time and efforts are consumed in building relations and targeting potential customers.
  2. There are lots of privacy concerns while using social media channels. It’s quite easy to get someone’s personal information such as name, location, and email address.
  3. Trolling is one of the biggest disadvantages of social media that is an act of emotionally hurting someone or posting controversial or abusive comments.
  4. Spamming, another big concern. Someone builds the relationship with you with a fake name, image, and identity and always posts useless, invaluable and promotional.
  5. The indirect disadvantage, but true, social media is one of the biggest reason that is causing less face to face communication, where there is a possibility.
  6. It needs active, immediate and daily monitoring for better results.
  7. If you are a business, additional resources and manpower are required to manage social media which is quite costly.
  8. Cyberbullying is also a big disadvantage, anyone can post negative, false and unkind things about you.
  9. Businesses can lose productivity if their employees are busy in updating profile pics.
  10. Social media takes time for better results, in the initial stage, it may be difficult to evaluate the direct benefits from these networks.


More connections promise more engagement, conversations, and outreach which is much required to carry on with our social and practical lives. The very intimidating and astonishing aspect of such a life is quite un-ignorable when you see the thousands of bloggers and fashion enthusiasts releasing their new videos online or introducing very first Instagram show broadcasting nationally live (as Masaba Gupta did recently), or build up an enviable career on a long-term basis. This is quite an opportunity to make a living you dream of or get sponsored to get money, to do something in life, which you love and dream of! Sounds amazing!

This is quite an opportunity to make a living you dream of or get sponsored to get money, to do something in life, which you love and dream of! Sounds amazing!

This is quite an opportunity to make a living you dream of or get sponsored to get money, to do something in life, which you love and dream of! Sounds amazing!

Social networks have people with many distinct hopes, dreams, and opportunities which make it all the more comfortable to get used and attracted to.

Now we know quite a lot about the social media without we cannot imagine our lives. We breathe it, we are proudly addicted to it and we make our plans according to its variability, rather than life as it should be.

We often think that Social media makes us free, it makes us come alive, become joyful and look at our daily chores in an independent and calm way. Nonetheless, what it has actually done is to trap us in its cage, make us conserved, consumed in our own mindsets.

For example, we find it difficult to express our thoughts freely when in a face-to-face encounter with our loved ones, we can freely write about our inner feelings when updating a minute status, but we hide it when questioned on the same.

We prefer to get the daily dose of gossip from newspaper articles and news from the early morning ‘newspapers’, only because it has been coming down from years and we have been instructed to do so. Of course, not to forget the “misinformation” more than the raw, original fact that started it.

Sporting, running out, traveling, spending time with your family, bringing office at your home and of course, mere ‘talking’ is on the verge of endangerment, only to be blamed by the kind, assertive power of Social media.

People have become lazier, less productive and less encouraged to do more on their willpower and brain, rather than extracting it online.

Hence, it necessary to balance it out carefully and judiciously. What do you think? Please share in comments.

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