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Top 12 Tools to Turbocharge Your Content Marketing in 2018

Note: This is a guest post by Sienna Brown of MyAssignmentHelp. The author’s views are entirely her own and may not reflect...

Written by Deepanshu Gahlaut · 5 min read >

Note: This is a guest post by Sienna Brown of MyAssignmentHelp. The author’s views are entirely her own and may not reflect the views of Deepanshu Gahlaut’s Blog.

When it comes to content marketing, there’s no shortcut but to keep improving your skills, strategies and industry knowledge. If you are not keeping up with the rapid pace of change, then you are surely missing a lot of things. From getting your client’s website ranked at the topmost position in the search engine to leveraging the potential of various advanced software and tools is no child’s play.

There’s no denying that marketing content requires marketers to think out of the box, create innovative campaigns and work on the technical aspects in order to stay at the forefront. One nice way to meet all organizational goals and keep up with the pace is to use certain tools and updated content marketing software available these days, provided you have roped in the best ones for your business.

So, here is a list of this year’s 12 best content marketing tools that can be utilized for enhanced performance and to meet all targets seamlessly. Content marketers, take note!

1. Feedly – for blogs, articles and more

Having a mere strategy isn’t enough if you aim to outshine your competitors. In order to stay ahead of the industrial rat race, you need to come up with quality content. It is possible if you are constantly updating yourself with reader-friendly blogs, industry-driven writing standards, and proficiencies.

This is where Feedly comes into play. You can get access to a whole new world of online blogs and articles from different publications. The application compiles news feed from various online sources which can be customized and shared by the users with others. This tool is both available for premium and for free.

2. Almighty.Press – for catchy and engaging contents

This is yet another notable content marketing tool of 2018. It goes without mentioning that the world is more interested in quirky content, catchy headlines, innovative writing style and the likes. This is exactly the reason why you need Almighty.Press.

This amazing tool allows you to figure out stories and news that can potentially be viral. So, you can pick such storylines and start creating content on them for better response and enhanced performance. The software efficiently allows you to pre-determine all potential viral topics before they enter the realm of popularity.

3. Ninja Outreach – helps you find influencers

Finding social media influencers and determining helpful business leads are crucial when it comes to content marketing. Ninja Outreach simply helps its users in finding social media influencers, bloggers, sales leads and the likes.

You just need to enter the desired keyword and the tool will do rest of the task by searching and figuring out helpful results. What’s more interesting about this software is that it offers email templates which can be utilized in order to who’s who of your industry.

Justin Hanscum, a senior marketing professional from the website MyAssignmentHelp says, “This technique is highly recommended from my side to those who harp on the strengths of content marketing to drive traffic to their website sites”

4. YouTube – helps you play ads and promote videos

YouTube is undoubtedly one of the most progressive and effective applications in content marketing. From playing ads to promoting videos, there are a lot of things you can do to promote your content using this amazing video sharing platform.

You can create independent promotional videos and share it on YouTube among your target audience or can run paid video ads. Now that the worldwide popularity of this application is pretty promising, this can always be a perfect platform for all content marketers to promote products and services innovatively.

5. Google Analytics – the quintessential content marketing tool

If you are a content marketer aiming at nothing but excellence and performance, then this one’s a must-have application for you. Google analytics helps you determine the count of people who have visited your content. This, as a result, will allow you to monitor content popularity and determine if the popularity is at stake.

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Thus, the entire process of evaluating content response and reshaping the strategy accordingly gets much easier. Additionally, you get to check demographics for better implementation of strategies.

6. Grammarly – for grammatical flawlessness and accuracy

Grammarly allows you to check contents meticulously and rectify all contextual flaws and technical mistakes efficiently. The app shows a score based on the grammatical accuracy of the content.

Thus, in case your content displays an average score, you can always work on the issues highlighted. In addition to it, the Grammarly premium allows its users to check plagiarism issues along with advanced flaws in the content.

7. Sumo – for a better audience and more traffic

Since audience building and ensuring a steady growth along with sufficient traffic generation are things to be prioritized when it comes to content marketing, Sumo is one effective tool that can come into play in this matter. It has free tools that can help your website get the desired exposure.

Effective features like Welcome Mat, Smart Bar and Scroll Box makes this application all the more special. The idea behind launching this app is simple. It would help websites to flourish in a technically advanced way. The best thing about it? SumoMe allows you for a free trial!

8. SendGrid – helps establish customer relationships better

It’s a known fact that building a relationship with the customer is the key to successful content marketing. At times, content marketers manage to create promising clienteles successfully, and sometimes they look for better scopes and applications that can help them come up with enhanced results at the end of the day.

SendGrid is an integrated content marketing tool with features like Email template Engine, Unsubscribe Tracking, ISP Monitoring, Custom API Integration, SMTP API and more to ensure every technicality and advancement imperative for establishing client relationship promisingly.

9. Colibri IO – for seamless email marketing and sales

Email marketing is one major aspect of content marketing. Colibri IO is a tool that allows its users to send newsletters and other communicative publications to the target audience.

The tool helps in finding out all relevant conversations so that you can push your brand to participate in the activity. Introducing your brand in the middle of an ongoing discussion is a nice way to generate sales in no time. It saves time and reduces marketing costs eventually.

10. HootSuite – your social media management tool

HootSuite is yet another effective content marketing tool. At times, content marketers plan to post certain content on social media platforms and fail to follow up the process in the long run. With HootSuite, you can auto-schedule all posts, without suffering the hassle of monitoring things manually.

In a world where daily social media posts are selling like hot cakes, you shouldn’t miss out on an opportunity to be at par with the pace. This effective tool is there to assist all digital marketers with its automated social media management features that encourage content scheduling, publishing, and sharing.

11. Videolean – for enthusiastic video content marketers

There’s no substitute for a good video content that can grab the attention of your target audience. Videolean is one such application that allows its users to create impressive promotional video contents. It’s really simple to use this application.

You need to choose video template according to your purpose, work on the design and the content you would wish to put and post the video once everything is set and done.

12. Unicheck – for content writing originality and validation

You cannot have plagiarized blogs and articles to promote your content, could you? There’s no alternative presenting original content. While Grammarly is always an option, you can try out Unicheck as well. It scans and analyzes your content by comparing it with other documents and web pages on the internet.

If there’s any kind of duplicity detected in your text, then the application will immediately prompt you to make all necessary changes. The source link gets highlighted as well so that you can take a quick look and make all essential changes instantly.

So, you just need to recall all effective content marketing tools as discussed above whenever a new project comes in, and leverage their potential to the fullest to make strategies work well, with game-changing outcomes in store.

Written by Deepanshu Gahlaut
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