The Best of 2017: Top Content From My Blog

A fresh new year is on the door. I recently looked back on what I had on my blog in 2017 and...

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top content from 2017

A fresh new year is on the door. I recently looked back on what I had on my blog in 2017 and ranked them on the basis of popularity. It has given me an in-depth insight on what my audience loved and shared.

The rankings are based on the number of comments, social shares, earned links, total page views, time spent on page and bounce rate metrics.

Here are my top pieces of content from 2017.

#1. Server’s DNS Address Could Not Be Found: How to Fix
This post from 2016 brought me the highest traffic on my site in 2017 because it appeared in Google featured snippet for few days. This post is a curated list of methods to solve server DNS address not found error which is also known as the DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN error in Google Chrome.

#2. 5 Ways How to Increase Gmail Storage Limit
Because your Gmail storage is shared between Google Drive and Google Photos, there are chances that your Gmail is reached the storage limit. With this article, you can learn how to manage and increase your Gmail storage.

#3. Scope Of SEO In India: The Future is Bright
If you are looking to start a career in SEO industry, this article covers everything you need to know about scope, trends, growth, salary, job opportunities and why SEO is one of the best career move.

#4. How Bounce Rate and Exit Rate are Calculated in Google Analytics?
If you have Google Analytics setup for your website, it’s very likely that you know the user engagement metrics such as exit rate and bounce rate. But, do you know exactly how they are calculated, what affects your website exit rate and bounce rate? Read this article to know the answers.

#5. How To Start a Career in SEO: 8 Easy Steps
If you’re hoping to become an SEO professional, you’ll need some creative ways to learn and gain experience. In this post, I’ve shared top eight practical tips and strategies for getting your career started in digital marketing and SEO field.

#6. 50 Evergreen SEO Quotes to Inspire Your Marketing
Everyone needs some motivation and inspiration to continue his life and work. These top SEO and digital marketing quotes will inspire you and your marketing strategies to succeed.

#7. Recommended General Purpose and Free SEO Tools
SEO can be overwhelming if you don’t have the right tools. Whether it’s to do keyword research, to find backlinks or to schedule social media post, having the right tool is crucial to your marketing success. This page lists some of the best tools that will help you do marketing easily.

#8. Bachpan Ki Yaadein – A Hindi Poem
This is one of the most popular poem on childhood in Hindi on the web if I say so. This is about the memories and loss of innocence experienced during childhood, and a desire to become a child again.

#9. How Breadcrumbs Affect Usability, User Experience, and SEO
Breadcrumbs, also known as breadcrumb trails present a great opportunity to make your site more search engine and user-friendly. This is because breadcrumbs help users better navigate the website, better visualize their location on the website and gives search engines to better understand the site content and its organization and structure.

This post explores everything you need to about breadcrumbs to improve your website SEO, usability and user experience.

#10. Sitemap Index File: How to Get Better Crawling, Indexing, and Rankings
Most people don’t emphasize on sitemap index file and how they can help get better crawling and indexing in search engines. But in reality, sitemap index file serves as a way to communicate directly with the search engines and tell them about the new or changed content, about the content structure and ensure that the content is indexed faster.

Learn about the sitemap index file here.

What to Expect in 2018

The top content of 2017 list doesn’t end here, there are still many blog posts such as SEO in Hindi – SEO Kya Hai and Top 10 SEO Blogs of India, which were a good success on the web because of your love and support. Thank you, so much!

In 2018, I’ll share more content to help answer your questions on SEO, content marketing, social media and on business growth by using digital marketing. Because writing and providing helpful content is a core priority for me, I’ve started adding more resources to the blog such as checklists, marketing news, guides and e-books. In 2018, you’ll also see some beautiful and informational videos on SEO and marketing strategies.

I’m grateful to all my readers, friends and colleagues that are helping me keep my content writing running. 🙂

Looking forward to your continuous support in future to make 2018 even better! Again, wishing you and your family a very happy and prosperous New Year 2018.

What was your favorite blog post this year – not only on my blog but anywhere on the web? Please share in comments.

Written by Deepanshu Gahlaut
I write on SEO, content marketing, latest technologies, and social media. You can find me online, or at home watching sci-fi movies, listening songs, or sleeping. In addition, my latest obsession is creating, collecting and organizing visual content on my new blog - Infopixi, to help bloggers, marketers, and businesses. Profile

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